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I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! You could almost call me obsessed! I've very upset I won't be home tomorrow night for a new episode.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
IT is neither ... see they arent insulting outside the ohh my this works only on a 8 yr old and a 50 yr old is trying to wear it ... they give lots of help.. kinda like dr phil
I have to disagree. There are times they do insult or make fun of the person. I cringe every time I hear them say it. I just try to over look it because I really do like the tips.

Now in Stacy and Clinton's defense they are so proud of the "new" look that sometimes it brings them to tears.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
I disagree - I've seen quite a few episodes, and some of the comments that I have heard them make about the clothing choices that the makeover-ees have made were downright cruel. They freely MOCK the "old" style choices - like the example given above about the worn thighs on a pair of jeans worn by a "thicker" girl.

Thats just down right rude. Man I would have been so upset and I would have walked off and left.

The woman on this afternoon they were not to bad with. Granted I only caught a portion of it because my mom called. Granted the woman wore things I would not wear such as flower prints but I did not think she was that bad myself. The dogged her because she wore high waisted pants. Granted a bit higher than I would wear (hers was above the belly button)but so what. I don't wear low pants. Don't like them can't stand them.

I wonder tho if half of what they say to people is just for the ratings?
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
I absolutely adore this show- I watch it all the time. Its unreal sometimes, the things you see people wearing- and someone has to tell them that its not looking so good (Like Heather said!)

I get a lot of fashion pointers from it too, without even being on the show!

But if your comfy with what you wear- then who cares what everyone else thinks? Me on the other hand- love fashion and that sort of thing
I am TOTALLY with you! I TIVO it so I have something to watch

I love the pointers. They are FABULOUS!
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A little off topic.
But does anyone remember the guys name that was there before Clinton?
He was much taller and just all round a bigger guy.
He had longer hair and he wore it in a ponytail.
It's driving my nuts that I can't think of his name.

EDT: I "Googled" every way I could think of, then finally typed "Former Male Stylist on What Not To Wear" and found him.
His name was Wayne Scot Lukas.
Google his name under "images"...he's very attractive!
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Well IMO Stacy and Clinton are much tamer than the British version. The episode I caught with Trina and Susannah (brit) had some girl who needed a little help. when they were at the store I forget who, but one got annoyed because of the knickers showing through everything and reached up her skirt and took them off. The girl was mortified and I would have been too.

Most of the people that go on that show though are single (and looking), starting off their careers or trying to grow in their careers. If you're in business the better you dress (even IF the office is casual) the more likely you will get noticed. Yes DHs do like to see their DWs dress up every so often. B loves it when I do dress up. One day this past summer he handed me a skirt and said "Can you please wear this?" I didn't realise it had been a year (or more) since I wore a skirt.
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I love the show! I love the pointers! It has helped me a lot, and made me realize that I suck at dressing some days!
But I dont really think they are that rude, yea they have their moments, but when you are trying to get someone to realize that the micro mini they are wearing doesnt look sexy but looks trashy, then sometimes you have to be a bit rude. People get in the mind set that they look good no matter what they are wearing from XXXL sweats one a size 4 person to a pleather pant suit! And that normally isnt the case!
Now I'm all for being comfortable, but I'm the type of person that doesnt leave the house without looking put together!
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Stacey & Clinton? Must be a diff version.

I love Susannah and Trinny. They are so funny and brutally honest.
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I like the show. It just entertainment, without the snotty comments it wouldn't be so good! But I understand about the comfort thing, sometimes I just want to be comfy and I don't really care what anyone thinks about it.
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