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sherral46 I am glad you still want ot send a e-card or what ever it is you decide to do!

Spooky it is as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend (cyber style) So like Tamme said..... she sends him one and he sends her one!
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In light of Hissy's post about server space problems Would EVERYONE please surf in here and read this?, I think maybe we ought to e-mail our cards to each other, no? I know it means we don't all get to see each other's cards, but.... ?????

Also, when I signed up to participate, I didn't know it meant we were supposed to create our own cards. I'm up for that - but maybe there are others out there like me who didn't expect that? Or don't know how to do it? IF we decide to e-mail each other cards (we can PM our "pairs" to get e-mails for those who don't make it available through their profiles), wouldn't it be all right to use Hallmark or whatever cards for those who weren't expecting to have to make their own cards?

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There is a member who has graciously agreed to set up a website so the cards can be portrayed there! I have put her in touch with Leslie so they can work out the details. I am sure Leslie will be posting about this soon.
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Oh golly, I'm more autistic than artistic. So, I will apologise now for the state of the "cards", but I'll have a go.
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No one said that anyone HAD to make anything, if everyone can go back and read the beginning of the Feline Valentine idea they will see that there were several suggestion (only) on the kind of things people could do! E-Cards is fine (and one of the suggestions) and there is no problem with anyone doing what ever they want! I am starting to feel like I everyone thinks I have told them they have to do it this way!!!!!! :-(

Hissy that is great news!!!! I haven't heard from them yet but I am sure we will work it all out!
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Leslie - you mean those weren't marching orders? (I'm just kidding silly!)

I didn't think anybody "ordered" anything! I just thought I hadn't paid attention when reading the many threads that were related to this topic and that I'd missed what everyone had agreed upon.

Does that make sense? I just felt - at first - a bit overwhelmed by the idea of creating a card that EVERYONE was going to see! But that's just because I'm kind of a spaz, and haven't ever designed anything like that.

But it sounds like fun, and I'm into it! Especially if there's going to be a place we can share. And I DO like the idea of seeing other people's cards!

But if I don't like my efforts ( ), I like the idea of having e-mailing a pre-made card as an option. Does that work? Because then I don't have to "back out," (leaving someone without receiving something) if my efforts at creation aren't "acceptable" - by my standards of possible public humiliation!

Does that work for other people, too?
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...and besides, love, the last thing I'd want to do is worry you when you've got so much else going on!!!!!!!!!
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Does that mean we send email cards to the cats instead of posting them here? I am confused now!
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I like the idea of e-mailing cards. I know how to do that. Some of the other stuff is WAY beyond my skills. Otherwise, I'll just have to post a picture, with a message.
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Yeah, I like that idea too, from sites like yahoo greetings, bluemountain cards etc...its easy.
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Since TCS is having space problems (meaning we can't use TCS to post cards we make), IF it turns out that there is someone who has volunteered a place where we can post cards we make (or have made for us), I think those who want to make cards should post them there. I think those that want to send premade e-mail cards should contact their valentine's match (or matches) to get the e-mail address (if they don't already have it), and go ahead and e-mail valentines cards.

If there is a place where we have the option to post valentines cards we make, I agree with Leslie - we should wait until the 14th to post them.

AND, of course, people can MAKE cards and then e-mail them to their pair instead of posting them on a website (if one turns up).

Does this work? Does this make sense?
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Sure, just tell me where to post them and that's where I'll do it.

A card seems tough though, I'm doing a poster-like thing which is just the front of the card (a pic with a message).
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I have been so busy lately that I JUST read about this! Wow! This is going to be so fun! I've already started creating my cats cards! I love this idea!
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I am sad I was away and missed this!
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Ady now I am crying!!!! If you want to join sugar I can try to make it work!!!! *snif*
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Like I said before, Roo and Tigger are always up to help a lost valentine in need... Just let me know.
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Thanks Tamme! You are such a sweetheart!!!

Ady if you want to join please let me know and we will see what we can do!!!!!!!
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It is ok Bundy! It was my own fault for being on holidays! My kitties will get all the Valentines love they need from me.
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Well Ady - now you've learned. You can take a vacation - but you CAN'T take a vacation from TCS! LOL!
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Peppurr would LOVE to join in too! He's my only cat that didn't get paired with someone!
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Why didn't Peppurr get someone? did you pyt him in??? Yikes!!!!!!!!
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Someone get Peppurr a furr-friend!
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Okay okay LMAO!!! Is Peppurr male or female???
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Peppurr would LOVE to join in too! He's my only cat that didn't get paired with someone!
I think by this it would make him male. I dunno.
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Hey It's late and if you are cheeky I might just forget!!!!
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Peppurr has been paired (lucky for him) with the stunningly beautiful Tatyana (owner Bundylee)

I hope Peppurr is happy with the delightful lady he has gotten....I heard she does exquisitly beautiful Valentine cards!!!
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Hi Mittens111111 and a BIG WELCOME to the site

I am sorry to say that the cut off date was the 14th of January and all the pairs have already been done1 It was my fault I left off Peppur so had to ad him. Otherwise you and you furbabies would have been more than welcome! Perhaps next time? I hope you don't mind as there is a lot of work organising this and we can't redraw it at this stage! I hope you will enjoy looking at all the cards though on the 14th of Feb and that it will give you some great ideas for next time!
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ummmm.....Bundy, are we talking to ourselves now??? I think you are working too hard I don't see a Mittens111111 anywhere.....perhaps the kittens ran away with them? :LOL:
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Thanks for pairing up Peppurr! What a lucky boy! Tatyana is so beautiful! Let's hope Peppurr doesn't start drooling!

Yes Peppurr is a boy!
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OMG!!!!!!! I am going crazy!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaa

There was a Mittens111111 post there I swear it!!!!!!! They must have got upset with me and deleted their post!!!!

HUH!!!!! NO ONE MAKES A FOOL OUT OF BUNDY except Bundy herself!!!!!LMAO!!!

And now for something completely different.......

Crazy-Cat-Lover is Peppur male or female

hahahehehehahhahahehehehehhahaha ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!



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