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Your Valentine Pairs!!!

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Okay!!! *phew*

With much sweat and tears (Tatyana got into the bowl of paper cut outs and they ended up all over the floor) Pete and I sat up till 2am doing this! I have this horrible feeling something is wrong or I have missed something or left someone out or....anyway I am sure you will all let me know! So check who you have been paired with, make sure all you cats are here and in the right sex! Please let me know if it is wrong and I will correct it! Thank you again to the boys who have taken on more than one lady! I tried to keep it to a minimum of 3 chicky babes each for them! Have fun guys! I think a new post with the cards on there own on the 14th of Feb (all post on the one thread) would be the trick, what do you all think?

Here is the first part of the list!
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List continued -
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And part 3 -
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Last part -
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Ohhh what a list! What exactly do we do for valentines - PM or in the lounge?
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In the lounge I think
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Suki's hard at work creating her card Sterling is in for one surprise!
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YAY! Sterling is very excited about his Valentine! He is going to work on Suki's card this weekend.
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Suki is now currently dribbling over my knee while I scratch her ears
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For all of those participating in the Vday exchange, PLEASE PLEASE keep it all in one thread once you start your exchange. Thanks!!!
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When do we start? When do we start?

Suki's dribbling again
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Gee- it will be my first glimpse at a Dribble Valentine.....
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*Suki dribbles on Hissy*

Oops sorry! Meat flavoured dribble.
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I wonder if I can get my hubby to help?!?!? Hmmmm.. wonder how I should convince him? Oh! Did I type that.... Oops. I'll get cracken right on it!
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DragonLady I was worried when I did the draw as you had 10 cats so that meant 10 cards! Are you sure you want all 10 in? if you want to change it please do so now and I will move things around if I can! I really need to boy cats though! If you are happy to do them all then that's great! At least you have a month to do it in LOL!

I agree with dtolle it has to be kept in one thread! I will open it with the heading "Your Valentine Cards!" As you guys have a month to prepare this please don't disappoint anyone! If you don't think you can do this please PM me and I will make sure the other kitty is not disappointed! Be creative, have fun and you can post your cards, pic's poems etc maybe from the 10th of Feb if you like!!! What does everyone think???? would you all like to wait until the day or start posting earlier??????
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You guys are just sooooo cute
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OK....I have been away for a few days (remember that sore throat thing??? YA!).....

Now we create cards HOW and post them how? I am lost
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Please Look at the following links! Everyone has nearly a month to do this so don't panic!!!! I have had quite a few of you that are a bit at a loss as to what to do! If you don't have the computer programs in which to create a picture or to copy hearts etc in then I am sure most of you have a camera that you can take a photos of your cats (on a velvet cushion, or set up a scene or have them pictured with a hand written message that you can post on the thread! Or I am sure most of you have sent e-cards before so why not look at e-cards and then send them to yourself, copy the link from your email and post the link on the thread! If anyone out there can lend a hand to help out people that may not have the necessary programs in which to do stuff with please do so! Whilst I will do everything I can to help and if need be can put something together for you I would already be doing around 20 cards/poems etc.... Have a think about what kind of thing you would like to do first then we can come up with solutions on how to do it! Does that sound fair? Am I making any sense???

Valentines Day Ideas for your Cats!!!

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Can we make the "post your valentines here" thread a sticky up the top of the page temporarily, so we don't lose it?
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I think making everybody wait until the fourteenth to post them will be best cause then people won't be able to get a peek at what you're doing and "borrow" ideas from your card . Just a thought...
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Okay we have had one person withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances! So if anyone else feels that this is not what they can or want to do please tell me now and I will remove them also!!! I just don't want members or their cats to be disappointed! Also I don't want anyone to feel pressured into doing this! I am unsure if I need to redraw this or how I am going to re-pair everyone! Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated on what everyone would like me to do!!!
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I am still in - dont want my cat's valentines to miss out on theirs.
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I'm at work, but I just phoned Sam at home and told him to get started. I will help, but he needs to learn how to do this for himself, or else he's going to expect help with all of his art projects.

This is so much fun, thanks Bundy.
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Thanks Guys!!!

I have been starting to get a bit down about this project cause it just seems to be too difficult but you have cheered me up!!! If you think it is fun then it is all worth it!!!

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If Ashley were a male, she said she would do it! I don't think she wants to be a same-sex kind of cat, though (
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LMAO! Please tell Ashley that she is very kind but I don't think there is any of THAT!!! sort of thing going on hehehe!
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Hey, it would solve that too many girl problem you got. hee hee
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I will still send mine.
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I'm a little confused here. When 2 cats are paired up (M&F), do each of them send a card to the other? Or is just one suppossed to send to the other?
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I believe it means that we send stuff to each other. Otherwise, only half the people who 'signed up' would get stuff.
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