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I've gotten bitten by the knitting bug! Every year around this time I seem to start knitting and I can't stop for like 2 months. If I'm not playing with the kitties, doing homework or cleaning it's what I'm doing. So far this fall I've already produced a hat for myself (silk, cashmere and mirano wool...). I've started an alpaca/silk sweater in pink as of last night. I also have plans for a pair of thrummed mitts and my boyfriend has requested a hat. I found myself online considering picking up some yarn for a hot water bottle cover this morning, and asking one of my best friends what she'd like in a pair of mitts and a hat...
I don't know what I'm going to do with myself, but I can tell you, my boyfriend is going to start getting jealous of my knitting needles!
Anyone else been bitten?