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new baby, so far so good, question though.

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I have posted a few post on our only (6 year old neurtered male) cat Abby. He is very laid back, not a real lap cat, just does his own thing. We got a new teen/baby (5 month old spayed female Torbie) Callie Lou!! Got her from the shelter on Monday. Brought her home & put in the spare bedroom (with bathroom). Opened the carrier and she just walked right out, sniffed around the room, checked out everything, came to me to be petted and started right away playing, and playing, and playing! This kitty was not afraid of anyone or anything. Kids came home from school, went into the room and she went right up to them, loved and played all night long. Funny thing is Abby knows something is up, cause we keep going in and out of the room all the time, but he really doesn't give it much thought (now Abby has never even seen another cat before, got him at 8 weeks old). This is day 4 and started today doing the rubbing of the towels on each other then exchanging them. Abby sniffed the towel for a while and just walked off. Callie sniffed the towel for a while then just walked off. No response from either of them. Does this sound so far so good or a good indication?
p.s. I am trying to learn how to post pics up so hopfully will have bragging pics up soon.
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I think you got really lucky, enjoy it.
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Forgot to ask this (love this site, everyone is so helpful). Right now Abby's litter box is in the laundry room. Callie's is in the bathroom (thats in the spare bedroom) thats at the other end of the house. When all is said and done and they are the best of friends (optomistic here), I want Callie's litter box in the laundry room also, but on opposite side of the laundry room from Abby's litter box. How do I go about changing or making the transition of the location of Callie's litterbox from the bathroom to the laundry room?
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Once she's familiar with the house (on supervised visits), just move it and show her where it is (put her in it). Cats are extremely smart and very territory oriented (not just territorial), so she won't need a roadmap. However, there are no guarantees that Abby won't decide to use it - even if only as a territory marking thing, and whether or not it upsets Callie will remain to be seen. Are you quite sure there's no other answer?
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Sorry, but there isn't any other place in the house where there is privacy. I need the spare bedroom for college son and out of town relatives that visit often. As a matter of fact mother-in-law comming in this weekend and just for accomodating Callie, my husband and I are staying in the guest room and letting mother-in-law have our bedroom, so we don't have to move Callie, hehe. On the laundry room door we have a kitty through door, so the door stays shut all the time. Laundry room is huge like 10' x 10' (wash/dry, freezer, storage).
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Sounds like you could start a little face to face meeting and supervise things. Before you do it, sprinkle cornstarch baby powder in both of their coats and rub it in; and put a dab of vanilla extract on their noses.

Expect some hissing, growling and chasing on the initial meeting. And before they meet - trim all nails!
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I have read about the vanilla, but what is the corn starch for?
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the cornstrach masks their scents
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Cornstarch baby powder will make them smell the same. Be sure its cornstarch and not the talc powder. Talc is not good to use on cats cause they shouldn't breath it in their lungs.

In fact, babies and adults should use the cornstarch vs the talc.
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O.K. went to the store today and got "Johnson's Baby Powder, Pure Cornstarch" but it also says "with aleo & vitamin E" that was all they had (Wal-Mart for ya). Is that alright?
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o.k. this is day 6, I have been doing the towel rubbing thing everyday and also I have swapping out Callie and Abby's toys with each other. They both are still doing the same thing. Sniff, sniff and sniff, then just walk off. No reaction from either one of them, nothing, nada, zip.
Is that still a good sign?

Since Abby has never even seen another cat, do you think he know what he is even smelling? As far as he knows, it could be a cheeseburger he is smelling.

I thought about just cracking the door open just a tiny bit, enough for them to touch noses, but not enough to even get their heads through the door, what do you think?

Also about my question on the cornstarch with aloe & vitamin E?

I hope I am not being too parinoid about all of this, but I don't want to make any mistakes and ruin things for them.
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do you have a screen door? this is how I introduced my kittens to my 3 y o. I let them observe and sniff eachother through the screen door for about a week before I let them mingle. they're not pals but they do tend to leave eachother alone for the most part.
Although... the kittens CAN be mischevious and chase her around from time to time
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As far as I know, it's tea tree you should stay clear of so I think the stuff you've got should be fine. If you kitten is happy to be held, why don't you take her into the hall and call over your male. If he seems okay, bend down with Callie and see what happens. They have both been 'done' so reactions will be reduced anyway
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