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Question of the Day - September 27th

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I remembered today!

What is the one thing that you HAVE to accomplish/do in your life? Have you already done it?

Mine is a do, and I want to travel the world
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There are a lot of things I want to accomplish and some I already have. I got married which I wanted and I got into college!! But, now my goals are to graduate from college, go on to get my master's and possibly a doctorate degree in education, have babies, get more cats, travel all over, and I would love to do something very helpful to the world before I die!! Also I would like to make more life long friends where I live now. It seems like since I moved from my hometown everyone I've met has been a "come and go friend" !
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I can't really think of anything I HAVE to do, but I would like to see Australia, England, Scotland, and Ireland and return to Maui again before I leave Earth
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I would also love to travel. There are a few parts of America I want to see, but first and foremost I would LOVE to go to France! Most of my desire to travel is motivated by seeing famous works of art...I HAVE to go to the Louvre before I die!!!
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I have accomplished everything I wanted to. I just keep adding new things I would like. Like a new car and nicer home. Right now my biggest dream is to Grand Veeshan and I am almost there.
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I would like to get my Master's in Nursing so that I can sit for the NP exam. I would like to not go crazy as I finish my Bachelor's in Nursing. I would like to find a bf that is actually worth my tima and attention. I would like to travel to Ireland or Scotland with my best friend when she comes back from Iraq. Lots of stuff I would like to do and hopefully will be able to accomplish. Oh and I would like to buy a house, but I can't seem to decide where I would like to live, lol!
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I want a family....more than anything i can possibly think of. That is the most important thing to me- i want children. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (the 1# cause of infertility in women) so my chances of having children are not so great - my doctors told me if i want a family i need to start one SOON (after the last check up i had). So my dream is to have kids someday. I do not care if they are my "own" or if we adopt- i just want to give some wonderful child a loving home. I would LOVE to adopt some day if possible, even if we have our own biological kids. There are SOOOO many children that need good homes. I would like to adopt an older know, the ones most do not want that kind of fall between the cracks. I really want to be a mom.
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Ok so I dream a bit big But I MUST own my own private, tropical island. It is not an option...
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Originally Posted by capt_jordi View Post
Ok so I dream a bit big But I MUST own my own private, tropical island. It is not an option...
ohhhh i LIKE the way you think!!!!!
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I most deffinatley agree!!! I will own the Rachel Archipelligo! Other than that,
I want to observe a nuclear explosion at relatively close range (I think nuclear physics is simply amazing),
I want to feel zero g's,
I want to have children,
I want to open my home as a foster home for sick and abandoned animals.

And the ususal stuff like sky diving!
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I still need to sing onstage with a band in front of thousands of people who are there on purpose because they actually like our music. (Although I'll settle for hundreds of people.)
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