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Cat Bites Cat -- Should I Worry?

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My kitty, Mr. Grey, who unfortunately was NOT completely innocent in the situation, was bitten by another cat on the ear. It bled quite a bit, and although it looks to be healing just fine, it is really tender and the area around the bite (which looks to be tiny, inside of the ear) is swollen through to the outside of the ear. He is eating and drinking normally. Should I take him to the vet? Or, just wait a couple of days and see how it continues to heal?

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I would take him to the vet - it could be that your cat was bitten by another one which had an infection/disease, and it's an idea to check this hasn't transferred itself to your cat.

Also - cuts that look inoccuous can very quickly turn into nasty infections.

I think you owe it to your poor kitty to get it checked out. I think you'll be glad you did, the fact that you're asking the questions makes me think that you are a bit concerned . . .

Good luck, hope Mr Grey is feeling better soon, and let us know how it goes.
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Yup, I agree, always good to take them to the vet after they get into fights and are wounded.

Is this an outdoors cat?
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Unless you know what you are doing- which is to open the wound gently- which will highly annoy the cat and possibly get you bit in the process- you need to call your vet.

Your warning signs of an abscess are swelling- drainage is good, you want the wound open to drain. If it closes to quickly the bacteria is trapped and the wound becomes a nasty abcess. The swelling as you describe it, if I am reading it right, sounds to me like a vet visit is in order. The vet will open it drain it and start Mr. Cat on antibiotics. One way to find if the ear is really in trauma (and it sounds like it is) would be to take your hand and run it near the top of the wound- BUT not touching the wound. You are looking for a source of heat to rise up and touch your palm as you make this close pass. You feel heat? You are not touching the skin, fur or wound? You have a problem. Abscesses form quickly and make a kitty quite ill. Because of my work with ferals, I have learned what to do and don't have to make a vet call these days when cat fights happen. But I did not learn it overnight, and I had an excellent vet as my teacher.
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Thanks to all for the advice regarding Mr. Grey's bite! Hissy, as you suggested, I passed my hand over the wound, and didn't feel any heat, but the little knot is still there. Right now, my town (Nashville, TN) is shut down due to snow (it took me 6 hours to get home from work -- 17 miles). Needless to say, impossible to take a trip to the vet this afternoon. And, since he is acting 100% normal, I'm not too worried yet. However, if the knot isn't any better tomorrow, I plan on taking him. Of course, I know I'll get lectured by the vet about him going outdoors (Angelz00, you asked if he is an outdoors cat... he's primarily indoors, but he goes out for a few minutes when we get home from work). But, as he was a stray and was used to the outside, it's REALLY tough to break them of wanting that fresh air.

Thanks again!
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Six hours to go 17 miles????? YIKES! That is some bad road conditions!

Please don't apologize for letting your cat outside, especially if he is a stray. If you live in an area that it is safe to let them out (traffic wise etc) it is an individual choice. Being that he is used to being outside, getting him acclimated to indoors will take time.

Good luck with the ear!
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hissy, thanks for the vote of confidence! I should mention though, while Mr. Grey was a stray when we adopted him, he's been our "baby" now for 5 years. He is primarily indoors, but he can't help but want to run and play outside for at least a little while each day. We live in a condominium, so there is no street traffic outside our door, just a parking lot. And, believe me, I wouldn't let him out if we lived in a high traffic area. While our vet has given us the "guilt" talk about FIV, we know Mr. Grey would be miserable if made to stay indoors all the time. Good news though, my vet said there is now a vaccination for FIV, and while not 100% effective, it certainly boosts their chances of not contracting the disease. Honestly, he NEVER gets into fights, so don't know what could have happened.
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