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Can a new house change behavior?

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Luna has always been the "anti-social" cat. The last two places we lived she was very aggressive towards Beauty and Patches and once we got Whitey, she just seem to hate him.

Since we've moved into this new house, she has not hissed, growled or attacked anyone. In fact she's been the SWEETEST & such a GOOD cat. She's like she was when I first got her as a kitten. I'm worried that as I'm typing this I'm jinxing the good cat streak in her

The house is only a little smaller or maybe the same size as the old house. The only difference is that we have an upstairs. I understand our first apartment was WAY too small for 3 cats (barely could fit 2) and the new house she was a little better until we brought in Whitey.

I almost think that I left the original Luna somewhere in OH or PA on the roadtrip here.

Can a house change that?
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O yes, I would think so! Any kind of change in a cats life affects the cat, somehow. Your new house has stairs, cats love stairs, stairs bring them into another dimension, more hiding places.

On another note, houses contain the history of it's previous owners. Luna sounds like an ultra-sensitive cat and probably picked up some pretty bad vibes in your other house which would cause her to be mean and cranky.
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Thanks! Yes, that house has a little history. In addition to my blurb in the ghost stories (Cat Lounge) about our old house, the previous tenants had split up. the house had several holes in the walls when we moved in (they weren't there when we looked at the place).
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I don't buy into cats sensing "vibes" from the history of the house. I think that when you moved, obviously nobody (your cats) had marked their territory yet, kind of an even playing field. I got my 2nd cat and moved at about the same time. I planned it out so that I brought my senior cat and the new one home to the new apt at the same time. That way the older cat didnt have the attitude like "new cat invading my territory", more like "new territory and theres a kitten here too." I think all cats are basically batsh*t crazy anyway so who knows what could really be going on.
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Moving to a new house puts them all on even "ground" regarding territory. If this one is bigger, than that will be helpful as well, so they have more space to claim as their own territory. It sounds like they had some territorial issues before, and moving them all to an 'equal" ground gives them a chance to level out and stake claim to their own spots.
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Thats great to hear a positive change in a kitties behavior after moving to a new home! Most experiences are negative...................Maybe there was something in the old home that was irritating her, scent or stray outside, who knows. Another reason could be the new experience is challenging her, she enjoys the stimulation and exercise.......
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I remember the previous tenants at our old house had at least one cat. Perhaps their scent was still in the old house? When I signed for this place, the floors and cabinets had been redone and a fresh coat of paint was applied.

The odd thing is that I let the cats out all in the same room and they began to explore.

At the old house I did the same thing and Luna went into attack mode.
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