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Daily Thread Thursday 27 September

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Morning everyone.

Woo its Thursday.

The new year is only 3 months and 4 days away everyone.

Absolutely nothing to post today, sad isn't it.

Have a great day all
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Good morning!! It's almost Friday!! YAY! Today I have lots of homework, we have to take Murphy ( our dog) to the vet today, then we have dinner at my parents which is always fun! Everyone have a great day!
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Sunny and cool here this morning. Looks like I will have to rake some leaves soon, high winds last night brought a ton of them down.

Heading off to work in a bit, got tons of paperwork to do today with month end fast approaching. Is it me or did September just speed by like a freight train. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away here in Canada. Guess I better start thinking about turkey shopping.

The kitties are good this morning. Sassy is napping and Linus is being Linus. He recovered from his encounter with the bee yesterday although his paw was a bit swelled for awhile. He was tearing around the house like a banshee early this morning so I don't think he suffered any ill effects.

Everyone have a good one.
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Another fun and eventful day of rearranging. We're getting our new bed frame from IKEA tomorrow No more will we have to sleep on a mattress on the floor.

We are just going to finish adding the nicnacs to the rest of the house. I still have the clothes and my office/guest room to go through and arrange as well. It's a total mess right now and if Feng Shui exists, that would explain the temporary chaos I have right now :P

B took his car in to be looked at this morning. When he drove down from MI last Saturday he noticed that oil was leaking. He's hoping that the last mechanic accidentally overfilled when they did the oil change and the seals are letting loose...but we'll see. The guy is suppose to call him later.

I have a phone interview tomorrow as a project coordinator for software releases. The job pretty much sounds interesting. The drive will be longer than I originally wanted, but for right now, that's fine. Hopefully the other job comes through in the next 6 months...I really don't want to move unless I'm relocating or buying.
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I forgot to mention, all of Ryu's baby teeth have fallen out.
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Originally Posted by DIEGO View Post
I forgot to mention, all of Ryu's baby teeth have fallen out.
he's a big kitty now!

Thank goodness this week is almost over, I've been stressing about school and a couple other things, I just want to stay home and veg with the kitties
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Originally Posted by DIEGO View Post
I forgot to mention, all of Ryu's baby teeth have fallen out.
He does look like he is "toothless" in his photo!

It is a very muggy day here - thunderstorms coming through, bringing cooler weather along!
I had a fellow from work come over last night and put together my new exercise equipment! Cosmo was a big help- in fact I had to lock him up because he wouldn't get out of the way and I was afraid he would get bopped on the head! My friend didn't recognize Big Mo - he thought that I had gotten another cat, because he has gotten so big! I will try to post new photos over the weekend!
Oh well, the phones are ringing, better get back to work!
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Only one more day till Friday My bf and I are going to go see Transformers at the IMAX tomorrow night, it was an annivesary gift from me. And he has something planned for saturday. Very excited for the weekend.
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Its a nice sunny fall day. Worked at a couple places today-got lots done even though I got a large stone in my tiller which caused a delay. Neither of my clients were available so I hope they like what I did (fall containers) and a start on a shade garden for another.

Forgot however to stop at library to return books-grrrr a special trip tomorrow.

So now I am relaxing trying to figure out what to have for dinner.
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