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Missing baby - Abbygail Dice

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Searches have been almost everywhere.. but we still continue to look for her.

Please pray that we find her. I know what we will find when we do... but at least everyone will know and she can be buried properly.

I have 2 more search parties to attend today.. no matter the rain.

And a thank you to everyone who has put out all their time to help look for this little angel.
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That's such a sad story Sarah. Poor little Abbygail.
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Best of luck in your search! Poor baby, I just can't believe things like this happen in the world. I'm sending prayers your way...
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My gut tells me that this woman is faking it and that she knows exactly where the infant is.

It wouldn't be the first time a mother killed her kids and then pretended to know nothing about it. Look at the Susan Smith (Florida) example. I knew from the get go that that woman was lying. While everyone in my nursing class was sympathizing with Susan, I didn't believe her story for a second.

I don't believe that this woman just up and had a "fugue" and can't remember anything. We've had people where I live try and pull off similar, and it always turned out that they were lying through their teeth to cover up something they didn't want anyone to know about.

My prayers are with the child, but I don't think that if they ever do find her that she will be alive. She's probably at the bottom of a river/lake
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We are minutes from a lake.. and her apartment not very far from a camp ground where there is a river.

Everyone pretty well thinks that the mother is involved in it one way or another. But she isn't saying anything.
Most people believe that is was PostPartum Psychosis and that she went of her meds for her diabetes or whatever. Byt the time she was found, it wouldn't have been long before she went into a diabetic coma.

Going out to look in a little bit.

A candlelight vigil is being held at the apartment tonight I think 7:30-8:30 or so.
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I was scrolling down the list and saw this. Do they have any indication of why she would do something with her baby. Like did she have a past history of mental illness or anything?
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We belive they found her yestrday afternoon.

Waiting on the police to confirm... but I know people in the search parties and have heard that they found her outside of a factory, in a field... a couple miles away from the apartment.
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Originally Posted by Leto86 View Post
We belive they found her yestrday afternoon.

Waiting on the police to confirm... but I know people in the search parties and have heard that they found her outside of a factory, in a field... a couple miles away from the apartment.
What a horrible story. Poor little girl.
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Any updates?
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Originally Posted by Oscarsmommy View Post
Any updates?
I was wondering that too.
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Nothing yet that I have heard of.

They are saying that she isn't found... so either they didn't find her or they did and aren't saying anything.
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I just checked to see if there was any new articles on this and found this one this morning:
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I see there are no updates on this. I ws looking earlier and found this. Though I'd share:

and this:
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I saw on the news that the baby is still missing.

My gut still tells me that the mother killed it. I saw the mom on the news reading a statement about how she hopes the baby is fine. Her voice was flat, she sounded "cold" and didn't even show any emotion, not a single tear. She sat there like a zombie looking at people.

Sorry, but if you really love something and it goes missing espeically a child, you don't sit there reading a crib note with completely dry eyes and no emotion.

She claims she doesn't remember, IMHO that's a crock of bull dung....!!!
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May 11th

Mother's day and I think of little baby abby.
god bless Abby

Sarah Whittington (abby's mother)is charged with causing an indignity to a body in the disappearance of Abbygail, last reported seen with her mother the afternoon of Sept. 18, 2007.

Whittington was released after Monday's bail hearing.

She said she's talked to police about night terrors and nightmares. "One such possible terror is of me throwing something off Hawk Cliff," she said. "I arranged a search to see if there was any truth to the image. We found nothing. The police know of my 'vision' and my search."

Bill Glover, Whittington's lawyer, slammed police for revealing the location of their search for the baby's body the same day his client was in court for the bail hearing.

the baby's remains are said to be at hawk's cliff an area near st.thomas ontario. the mother sarah is 6 months pregnant again.
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Accused in her infant's disappearance, a St. Thomas woman lashed out at police for disclosing where they believe the body was disposed of while she was in a court hearing.

Sara Whittington the "mother" I use that term loosely in her case of abby
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And she is pregnant AGAIN What kind of man would allow her to be the mother to his child
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I had forgot I posted this.

I was really hoping they would find her when they searched Hawk Cliff. But all I could think about it is that I drive past there 3-4 times a week for work, and she could be right there and no one knew.
I hope they find her somewhere soon. She deserves to be buried right.
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