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He's Clairvoyant?

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I swear Quill is clairvoyant. Tonight I was coming home from school. I had to take the bus and the stop is two blocks away from my street. Well, my folks and Quill were enjoying the beautiful night on the top balcony(so was I, the full moon is GORGEOUS!) and apparently, just as I got off the bus Quill wanted to go inside. Now, we have a sort of lookout window on the stair landing, and he always greets his humans from there, so as I came up from the driveway I saw him and thought little of his appearance except that he wanted to say hello. But when my mum told me that he went inside to wait for me a few minutes before I rounded the corner, I just wondered how in tune he really is to me . . . . O__o

I mean, he went inside just as I was getting off of the bus, so he couldn't have known I was coming home. It could have been sheer coincidence, but the fact that he was waiting at the window . . . It wasn't as if I suddenly burst into "The Sound of Music", as I so often do.

Or did he know?

This is what I find so amazing about cats, their sheer mystery. I thought I knew Quill, but he most likely knows more than anyone could ever know.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I need some sleep.
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My cats will hide from people they dont know. When someone rings the doorbell, I can tell by their reaction if its someone we know or not. If they know them, they will stay right where they are and do nothing, if its someone they dont know, they hide.
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I have heard of things like that. I believe they did a study on 20/20 or something. It was odd, even if people were home late, or early they still knew and were there like 10 minutes before the person. How cool is Quill!!
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Originally Posted by Quill_luv View Post
It wasn't as if I suddenly burst into "The Sound of Music", as I so often do.
My Mom does that ALL the time! She used to do it at our last job all the time too!

My RB girl Glory always knew when we'd be coming home too. She'd sit on the end of my bed and watch out the window for us.
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Yes, there was a story of a man in England, I think, who had a dog who always waited by the front door for him every evening. The man went on an overseas trip and was gone three weeks, and after the first couple of days, the dog stopped going over to station himself at the door.

But then one day, the dog went over to the door and planted himself in his old spot -- and sure enough, an hour later, the man arrived home. They said his plane had landed about the time the dog went over to the door.

Critters are amazing.
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It doesn't surprise me in the least. My cat Sassy is like that. 9 times out of 10 when I come home he is sitting in the window watching for me. It doesn't matter what time it is, or is I was suppose to coming home at that time. He is just there.

The tenth time however I can actually come into the house and be there for awhile before he even wakes up. So apparently I am important enough to watch for when awake, but nothing to lose sleep over.
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The stories are amazing. My dad was just telling me a minute ago that he had a cat when he was a kid, and the family moved to British Columbia from Saskatchewan. The cat had to be left to fend for itself as they couldn't take it with them (this being the 1940's), and the cat was spotted a few weeks later, sitting in the driveway at their new house.
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they just KNOW things...

like when you're in a bad mood or don't feel good then come over with healing purr vibes.

In that book, "Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul" there's a story about a cat that lives in a hospice. He doesn't visit with the people regularly but due to his accuracy the staff has taken to calling the families of the person he decides to lie next to.
Apparently this cat knows when these people are going to die (like right before, within an hour roughly...) and will go into their room and lie with them until they pass.

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I heard alot about that cat. . . Seems kind of comforting though.

I was recently diagnosed with lupus. Before I got on my medication I would wake up in the morning to the worst crippling pain in my hands, and also to my cat feverishly licking them . . . It was like she knew I was in pain. She would also mope around the house with me. Now that I have been on my meds and have started feeling better, I wake up in the morning with her ready to play a game of tag through the house!

They know things. Much more than you or I do. I always get freaked out when they are sound asleep and wake up fully alert and staring around. . . Makes you wonder what they sense that you dont. . .
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Maia is to the extreme.... this way! Yesterday I came home early from work and heard her meowing as soon as I opened the door to the building, I live on the first floor. When I went to Kansas for a week, I had a friend who lives across the street come by morning and night to care for her, yet she hides from people, extremely shy. When I came home 7 days later, I heard her crying as I approached the apartment door. When I came in she was still crying but I couldn't figure out where she was! I looked every where for her, finally found her under the bed, crying as if she was scarred and soooo happy I was home! I scooped her up and hugged her for an hour! My friend and roommate said they never heard a peep out of her the entire time I was away!
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They do know all right!!! They can tell sickness from the scent of the ill person. And their clairvoyance is amazing!
Joey and JC can tell if I am taking my grandson back to San Diego after his month-long vacations. He can tell them bye and take his suitcase when he goes to his other grandparents for a day or a week, and they're fine with that. But when he goes to San Diego, whether I take him or my parents, they almost immediately retaliate!! Once my folks left with him and in a few hours I heard all kinds of crashes from the room upstairs - JC ripped down the valance, dragged a large lamp off the nightstand and across the room, and, someone had broken my glass jar that held "pretties" and had taken a Scrunchie and a necklace (my things of course) and put them in the "poop" litterbox and partially covered them. I think that was JC too, Joey was refusing to have anything to do with me - JC gives obvious clues, Joey just shows me EXACTLY how he feels, with NO ROOM FOR DOUBT
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