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Update...Jack and Asher

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Things with Jack and Asher are getting considerably better. Asher has been very good with accepting Jack. I think he was a little annoyed and maybe a bit jealous at first, but he's become very accepting of Jack.

At the beginning all they would do was "fight" and chase each other constantly through the house. Asher would not let Jack out of his site. But lately I've been seeing them laying next to each other a lot. Asher can now walk past Jack, and when Jack reaches out to tag Asher or jumps at him wanting to play, just walk right on by. They check things out together now. Jack follows Asher around the house and "explores" with him. They still have their moments but things are much more calm and a lot of progress is being made! I'm so happy!
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before you know it they'll be best friends It's always nice when the kitties get along, isn't it
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