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More problems.. help?

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So I was posting a while back, asking for help with some computer problems.. with pop ups and everthing. Then I was gone for a while, and when I came back, I didn't have many problems, but now I'm having them again.. so some help would be great.

I found a website on how to disable IE, because I was having all of my pop ups through IE.. and I don't use it. So I did what it said, and it worked.. and everything was good. I have Firefox, and I use it sometimes, but now it's not letting me because "it's still running" and when I reset/uninstall, it still won't work.. it happened before and I fixed it, but now I can't seem to get it to work.

Anyways.. I wanted to do something, but Opera was being a pain, and I couldn't get FF open, so I enabled IE for a short while, and disabled it again when I was done. A while later, I reset my computer, and now I get all of these IE pop ups, like 50 at a time.. but I can tell it's disabled, because it says it can't find the server.. but it shouldn't be opening at all, because it stopped once I disabled it. It pretty much freezes up my computer, and even if I try to get back into the internet options to see if maybe it's not disabled, the pages keep popping up, and I can't get back to the options tab.

Can anyone please tell me what I should do? It's really frustrating, and I haven't had any problems with it until tonight. I have a second user account on my computer that I'm using now, but I don't like to unless I have to, because it's set up a bit different.

Any help at all would be nice.. I'm confused, and it's really frustrating.. I barely login and all of these IE pages start coming up, and they won't stop.. ugh. I hate IE so much.

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Sounds like a virus to me or at the very least a whole lot of spyware... do you have pop up blockers installed? Have you run a virus scan as well as updated your antivirus program recently? Do you run anti spyware programs? Such as Adaware SE? Tune Up Utilities is also a good maint. program but it doesn't remove spyware completely or viruses.... It will clean up cookies, active x controls, etc and help your computer run more efficiantly by fixing registry errors and removing unnecessary files.
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