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Window kitty

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Suki loves looking through the window into the front street.
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She is a beauty Bunn - how old is she?

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Hehe thanx

Another one here

Suki's about 8/9 years now, we can't be sure.
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Yeah - very pretty kitty. lovely eyes.

They're SO nosey aren't they?
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Nosey, yes, very

This next image is called

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Have you trained Suki to march in step with the kitty army, or is the pic above her response to your 'commands'?

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very cute and adorable kitty!
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Suki looks so serious. Is she contemplating an overthrow of her leader, Darth Bunn?
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She's my young Puddy-wan. When I'm struck down, or if I trip she'll take over!

Hehe thanx for the comments guys
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Ooohhh, Sterling will like her pics! Suki is his Valentine!
And what a beauty!
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What a ham.
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Awww, what a cute kitty!
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I wish my cats could go near a window like that. They meow all the time for me to open the window a crack so they can smell the outside. But I have to sleep all day and the neighbors dogs are out, so we never open the window except when we are directly supervising, also because Tigger has figured out how to open the window and can get out. We've come up with a few contraptions that deter her from succeeding (sp?) but it's still aggravating. I can't even open the curtains because the dogs are so big that they almost crashed through the huge window pane once. Needless to say, Tigger never went back to the window for a few hours.

anywho, real nice clear pictures! I really like them.
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Suki is as lovely as ever! I love it when they stand on their back feets like that. It's just so cute!
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Suki's now blushing, I think.....um no wait it's ketchup...oi get off my burger!

Little begger was into my burger :o Oh well no harm done

THanx for the kind remarks, Suki says thank you too
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Pretteh Kitteh...

(my best BuNN impression - old post reference)

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