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SO share with me how everyone came up with their fur babies names..

My rescue kitten (Pumpkin) was named by my daughter and mom because of the Fall season, and my son has picked out one of our soon to be white fur babies names "Cumulous" and we have to come up with one more name for our other white fur baby. I was thinking "Cloud" since they are siblings and both white, but am just not 100% yet..

so I thought I would see how everyone else decided on their names for their fur babies
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Trout fish are cute, and so is my her name became Trout
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Layla is named after the Eric Clapton song "Layla" because she has me wrapped around her paw!!! I should have named her Dracula though because she likes to bite the blood out of me!
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Joshua was named after the little boy in the movie "Life is Beautiful".

Kinah got her name from a baby name website where I was looking for African names. I thought she looked like an African wild cat, so I decided to give her an African name.

Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Trout fish are cute, and so is my her name became Trout
Well, I guess that makes sense.

One of my neighbor's cat always comes around to my screen door to bug my cats, and I have nicknamed her "Tuna" because she looks like Trout.
(wow... I think I spend too much time on this forum )
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Spooky was nicknamed by my ex-husband. Spooky was a white cat and my ex said "he's the color of a ghost, we should call him Spooky".

Ling's name was cause at one point in time (2 months old) the entire litter was seal points with tabby bodies and all of them were named "oriental". Ying and Yang are her sisters and Ping and Pong are her brothers.

Charlie is registered Charlie Wonka (Wonka was DH's idea). I just thought he reminded me of Charlie and the chocolate factory (but that was too long to register him like that), so DH came up with adding the "Wonka" part.

My next Ocicat will be named Captain Jack Sparrow
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Sassy got his name from a character from Clive Barker's book Cabal. The characters name was SuraSassy and was half cat/half human..

Linus spent the better part of the first day at home hiding under a blanket in his cat carrier. It seemed fitting to name him Linus after the peanuts character.
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Well, the name "Loki" was on my shortlist of kitty names. However, when I was looking at the Humane Society's cat pictures online I saw a cat named "Loki". Who eventually came home with me. As you can see in my siggy, he's a light orangish color, and he also has big golden eyes! He reminds me of what the Norse giant/god looks like, and certainly acts like him!

Possum kept his name because I had him originally on a trial basis for 3 weeks, and I thought it might confuse him if I abruptly started calling him something different. Plus, he really knows him name well. I think he might have been named that because he was so shy. I came up with the perfect name for him a couple of weeks ago; too bad I didn't 7 months ago! Anyway, it would be "Tribble" from the cute little aliens in Star Trek. See, he makes these adorable cooing and purring noises like tribbles.

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Spooky Bear - he got his name for several reasons. "Spooky" was because he was a feral kitten when we found him and spooked at everything, also it was right around Halloween and he is a black cat. "Bear" was because he looked like a little black bear cub and because I collect everything to do with bears so it seemed perfect.

Tabitha - John wanted to name her Tabby because she's a red/white tabby, I told him that was fine but she had to have a full name too so he said Tabitha.

Spike - It took us forever to name him, so one day I sat down and made a list and then told John to pick from the list.

Captain Squishy Fuzzypants a.k.a Slingshot - John named him, not a clue where he came up with his name.

Garfield Hoppington IV - Again, John named him.

Lieutenant Lilly Bear - When she was born, I gave her litter flower names. I called her Lilly. Then we added the Bear on for the same reasons as Spooky Bear. Then we were at a flea market one day and saw a license plate that said "Lt. Bear". It was perfect.

Roxy - John named her.

Sofia - I love the name and it's the first one I thought of when I was trying to come up with names for her.

Woody Jr. - Named after my beloved Woody who passed away in 2005. The original Woody was named by a friend of mine, he named him "Tiger Woods" which gradually got shortened to Woody. We call Woody Jr. "Woodward" or "Woodford" most of the time though.

Taco - John named him before he was even born. He said we had to have a kitten named Chi Chi Rodriguez a.k.a. Taco Salad. The "Taco" part just stuck.
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I just like human names, and wanted something small, so that's how i came up with Rosie, Sophie and Jack. Although i've often thought i should change Jacks name to Dennis after Dennis the menace because he's a little terror
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My first cats name was mittens... think mostly cause I was young

2nd was Spookey... cause she was a stray we took in just before Halloween

I had one named Max after Maxwell Cheffield from the Nanny... cause he think he's handsome and so was my putty

China... she was a very dainty pure black cat... reminded me of a china doll

Baileys is Baileys Irish Cream because of his color...

Then there was coon... he was a mix who resembled a coon cat

I'm stuck on Jinx now... Saw it in another post the other day and I think I'm jinxed by Ragdolls so my next rag will be named Jinx
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