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Lots of eating, drinking, and some runny poop?

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We got our two 8 week old kittens on Sunday from the SPCA. We brought them to the vet the same day for their free health checkup (same vet we had with Tigger). They said that Monte (our male kitten) most likely had a URI because he was sneezing and goobery-eyed. They also said there was no point in keeping him separate from Katina (the female) because she was most likely already incubating the virus due to being in the shelter as well.

We've been giving Monte antibiotics since Sunday night, and he's insanely active - definitely getting better. Katina is slowing down now, sneezing occasionally, and has one eye with some boogers in it. She eats a lot, so there is definitely no loss of appetite showing. She's also been drinking a lot of water (this may SEEM like a lot to us, because we rarely saw Tigger at a water dish). Compared to Monte, Katina spends much more time at the water dish. Rob noticed she had some really runny poop as well tonight. Usually by the time we get home, it looks like a patty, its light brown (vs. Monte's dark brown), and he saw it pretty much running out, followed by a small turd.

Could this be a result of an oncoming cold? I am going to call our vet tomorrow and see what they say as well. Originally they told us to look out for Monte, because he was so quiet and lethargic when we got him, and didn't want to eat anything the first day - just sleep. Now they seem to be swapping places and I'm not sure if it is because of the URI being passed from one to the other.

They both have been tested for FeLV and FIV - results came back negative. They also were dewormed and had the Adult FVRCP (not sure what that is, but it is on the adoption certificate).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! These are our fur-children and we are definitely paranoid "parents"!
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Is Katina on antibiotics as well and what kind. Yes sounds as though she is the one who is taking over with URI and its very normal for one to be healthy and then get sick after the URI has incubated. The drinking water is due to dehydration due to diarrhea. When you talk to you vet let him know her condition, maybe he will give something to stop the diarrhea. DId he run stoll samples? Somtimes coccidia is causing diarrhea and can be dangerous to kittens. ANy blood in the stool? The reason I aksed about the anitbiotics as clavamox can cause it sometimes. Pm me if you want to get me direct. I am not always on this site, but the Pm will flag my email.
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It's good that you are calling your vet. None of us here are qualified to give you medical advice. It does sound as though she has a URI now as well but as I said, it's better to get hold of your vet.
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I called our vet and will be bringing her in at 2pm. I wanted to make the appt earlier than the scheduled one on the 7th for their boosters. They told me that her big appetite is good, drinking water could be because she is a heavy drinker like Chassis (or poss. due to the diarrhea), and the runny poop could mean coccidia. They said they want a stool sample from her, and they are going to test some and put her and Monte on antibiotics if it is a parasite or hookworms.

Right now they are taking amoxicillan for the URI, they believe she has that as well (gooey eyes, occasional sneeze, more lethargic - exactly like Monte was when we brought him home).
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