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Purrforma XL litterbox

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Hi everybody, im new to this forum. Ill start with a little intro.... i have 2 kitties, 1year 6mo old black female named "kitty" and an 11 y/o tricolor tabby male, "sebastian". Sebastian was our blood donor cat at the veterinary office i work at for many years, until he retired this past june at which time i decided to give him a home.

My only complaint about these two is that i cannot for the life of me find an automatic litterbox that will handle the two cats. I have tried the littermaid brand litterbox, the freshstep crystal litterbox, and now i forked out about 170 bucks on a brand new purrforma XL litterbox that i have heard is big and brawny enough to handle the waste load of two cats. Well, i dont mind cleaning out the waste recepticle as much as i hate cleaning out the litter tray itself. I just cleaned it out on sunday and it's already full of small unscoopable clumps, and clumps behind the grate, clumps where urine was collected at a spot where the litter was too shallow so it makes this lovely sheet of half-clumped litter. It's HORRIBLE! and the cats arent too fond of it as well when it gets this dirty.

My question is are any of you familiar enough with this product or had similar experiences so that yall can give me some advice as to what to do? Im at my whit's end with these darn litter boxes, and it doesnt help that sebastian is a messy pee-er (is that even a word?...oh well) and pees not just in one spot bu all over the place. He's always been that way.


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::bump:: anybody?????
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A lot of people on this board are into manual litterboxes. But if you go to amazon, you can read some reviews of Purrforma. They are not exactly glowing.

I myself own a Littermaid. Did you know that there are two sizes of Littermaid?
LM900 is large, and LM500 is smaller version.

I know what you mean about cleaning up, I found out that litter is a very big part of Littermaid functioning properly. Corn litter works the best, out of everything I have tried so far, such as Worlds Best Cat Litter.

Sorry I don't know much about Purrforma, but I figured if you still have Littermaid perhaps you could try a different litter and see if it is any easier to maintain.
The trick is to find a litter that clumps REALLY hard in 10 minutes.
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I've never tried the Purrforma, but I have had great luck with the Littermaid boxes. I currently run two. One is the older version and one is the newest version. Littermaid has decent customer service and they have replaced two boxes that went out at no charge to me. I know exactly what you mean about those little unscoopable clumps and I guess they just don't bother me. I have 4 cats using the boxes, 2 of which are large males and I only have to touch the boxes every other day and sometimes I can go even longer before the collection trays need to be dumped or the litter pan needs to be scraped clean.
I wish I could help you more with the Purrforma, but maybe a change in litter, as suggested, will help. Good luck!
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the littermaid was so disgusting that i just threw it away. When i got it i only had the one female cat so it got the smaller size, then upon adding another cat it couldnt handle the load and literally broke. So i just threw it away.

The purrforma isnt working, im going to send it back, petco will give me a full refund so im gonna try something else.

Thanks for the help anyways,

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