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Just wanted to say Hi

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Hi I am 20 and I live in Kent Washington. I have 3 great cats. D.C. hes my little cow, hes 4 and weighs an astonishing 30 lbs. Hes such a great cat though. Then I have my psycho cat her names Cleo...what a character, shes half siamese and a handfull. Then I have Holly my christmas kitty, well we got her right before christmas. Shes 4 months old and so cute. She the loving cat who always wants attention and will lay on you and want to be petted. I ive in a zoo nowadays. My cats are treated like humans. D.C. sits in my recliner and relaxes. Wow I better stop getting cats I am going to end being the cat lady. Well thanks for reading about my cats...I just love them so much. Take care.
Tianna, D.C., Cleo, and Holly
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Hi Tianna - welcome to the best cat place in town.

Don't worry about being a mad cat woman, we've plenty of them here - and a few mad cat blokes too!!!

Do you have any pictures of your furbabes, they sould like real characters and we'd all luurrrrve to see some piccies.

Hope you enjoy yourself here!!!
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Hey great to hear from you. I have to get them scanned in. Great, this will be a long night, they are all playing again. Yeah I love my babies, there like my kids. I will never have to have any children at the rate I am going.
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You will get addicted to this site!

Post photos of your furbabies when you can - we love to see them and we are all a bunch of crazy cat people!
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Welcome to the site Tianna! I love your name, BTW. That's always been one of my favorite names. Your kitties sound like a fun bunch.

I look forward to getting to know you and your cats in the forums. Warning, though, it is a very addicting place for the crazy cat lady!
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Welcome Tianna!

Wow!! 30 pounds and the cat is still walking?? Better get a health check on that one!!

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D.C. doesnt have any trouble getting around. He still runs, jumps, and plays with the kittens. Hes a little less active then he used to be, but hes in good health. My girls are so cute, they lay next to each other with the heads holding each others up. I will be getting pictures on here soon. Thank you most people havent heard my name before so its very refreshing to hear that someone has.
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Welcome! Nice to have you here!
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Thank you I am very happy to be here
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