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Went past this...

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On my scooter on the way home from work - I wondered why there were so many cops around. Forgot about it til I went to my parents and looked at their newspaper and learned this: http://www.stuff.co.nz/thepress/4216082a6009.html

I expect there will be a public outrage over this. BUT....NZ police don't generally carry guns, but when they get their tazers, the public boohooed about it and said it was excessive.

I would rather be tazered than shot.
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There is serious controversy over Tasers here because there have been two deaths locally from them. But I agree that the chance of dying from a Taser is much less than that of a gun.
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I can't even tell you how many times in recent months I've seen either officer-involved shootings or lethal taserings on the local news here. Too many, for sure. And then there's this woman, with witnesses saying excessive force was used and she's filing a lawsuit.

How sad for you to have had to drive by it.
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man, i hate defending the cops, But when faced with a situation where the person is armed, and YES a hammer(a mace by a nother name) counts as a deadly weapon.
you hvae a split second to make a choice, make the wrong one and you, or someone is hurt or dead.

hmm as for the women here in ohio, dont know yet. The video does not show me enough to make a choice on way or the other.
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It's hard to say what could be caused by being tasered and what she was doing beforehand. But the part that convinces me is when she's crawling around on the ground, and the officer steps over her, leans down, and tasers her again when he could just as easily have restrained her, especially with that much backup.

Most of the time, criminals are just whining about the police. Sometimes, though, the person has a point, and I think this is one of those times.
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