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ragdoll grooming

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can anyone help me? I need to know how to make the grooming for a ragdoll, for a show... I´m a novice breeder from Brazil, and here there are just a few ragdolls, and no one seems to know how to help. Can anyone point the direction where I could find something on that subject? Anything would help.....
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Leonara, I am going to move you over to the breeders forum. One of those good folk will probably have your answer.
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I think the best route to go would be to call the breeder of your cat and have them teach you. I'm sure they will be happy you are showing him/her and will be glad to show you the proper way to groom - especially since you are representing them by showing one of their cats. From what I understand, Ragdolls are not terribly difficult to groom for show. I have heard their coat does not mat, but I am not an expert as I show shorthairs!

If for whatever reason you are not in contact with your cat's breeder, you may want to join this yahoo group - it's for Ragdoll owners and I am sure they can give you grooming tips. You will need to register, but it is free.


Are you showing in TICA?

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I could tell you how to groom a persian, or a Maine Coon, but I am not sure how different the grooming is for a Ragdoll. You can try going to www.aaceinc.org and looking at the Ragdoll breeder or breeders. I know there's a WONDERFUL breeder listed there. You might be able to contact her and get some great info.
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