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Infertile Cat??

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Hi there.
I am a fairly new breeder of bengal cats and I think one of my females might be infertile. She has been bred 2 times in the past month and neither of them took. The first time we tried and there was a successful match, then 2 weeks later she came back into heat. We tried again, about 3 weeks ago and she is in heat again!! Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? She has a vet appointment tomorrow, but another breeder told me she is probably infertile. I didn't think they could come into heat if they were infertile, but you guys probably have more experience than I do so if anyone can help.

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Has the breeding been with a different male or the same? If its the same male, has he been successful with other females in getting him pregnant?

Charlie's breeder has a Ocicat that they've tried with different males and she's still not pregnant. I think they will be giving up on her and getting another outcross female (silver) and spaying her and petting her out.

If she's been bred to the same male, it could be that he's the problem.
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It has been with the same male, but he has had several litters before with other females. He is 4. She is almost 2 and the first heat I tried to breed her on was her 2nd heat and now she is already on her 5th in just under 2 months.

I'm thinking tomorrow I will end up just setting up a spay appointment for her while at the vet unless he has other recommendations of what it could be.
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Before you spay her, can you try her with a different male?
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I actually have a woman who is going to let me bring her over tomorrow after the vet appointment and see if it takes. I'll let you know in 2 weeks.
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