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The darnedest thing.....

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I just posted a little while ago about how much I would love to have a Maine Coon, and I don't know what to make of this. I went down to the tattoo shop, 20 feet from my house, and when I came back, I saw 2 eyes peering at me from under a car. I called to it, and out ran what appeared to be a large orange Maine Coon! It stopped and looked at me for a second, then ran off. I looked for it, but couldn't find it. I put some food down, and since they are predicting snow tomorrow night, I am going to fix up the dog house outside, just in case. I have seen a few cats around here from time to time, but never this one. I am going to try to make friends with it, assuming it comes back. I already have a home for it if I can't keep it myself. I guess I am getting a little ahead of myself, but............
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It's nice to have hope.

Hope the little one come back to you.
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finding that little frost ball! Hope you can bring it in before it gets too cold.
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Ohh I sure hope you find the wee darling!

Good luck!
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The food I put out last night is still there. I guess none of the hungry kitties that come around were out in the cold last night. I am still going to fix up the dog house and pull it to the back of the house, out of the wind. There is an animal shelter on the other side of the woods, and I think they have an occasional escapee. There are some ferals that live near the dock and the fishermen feed them, and a little old lady back that way has some shelters in her yard. I might go see if she knows anything about this cat. I told my s/o about it last night, and got "the look." The one that means "we are getting a new cat aren't we?" He's such a sweetie, and such a sucker when it comes to a cat.
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