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Just curiosity

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Every morning our cat meows until we wake up, but here's the kicker: he is not hapy until we watch him eat! He actually lures us in there to watch him chomp on his food--and keeps staring back to make sure we are paying attention to his "breakfast techniques." We wait about a minute or so and then leave the kitchen--after this he is totally satisfied. Why do cats do this, or is it just something that OUR cat does?
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I have no idea, butmy Anna is the same way! If I go into another room,she will stop eating until I go back and stay right there with her! I think she may be a little spoiled tho! LOL
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That's a good question...My Sheeba will eat more if I'm in the kitchen with her, but she's a baby (12 weeks) so she'll still eat when we're not right there.

Could it be that some cats are just "sociable eaters" some people also find it more pleasurable to eat together
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My kitty does the same but it's because she likes her wet food scooped into a little pile-making it easier for her to eat. She will find me and just stare until I stop what I'm doing to scoop her food. In the 30 minutes it takes her to eat-I probably scoop her food 5-6 times. She is spoiled.
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A lot of sick cats won't eat without company. It makes sense to me that your cat wants company while he eats. Not that it isn't silly, but he's a cat. He doesn't need to be human-rational.
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Mellie sometimes needs to be "persuaded" to eat. She won't eat unless I beg, plead, and threaten, and finally praise her when she does. I'm afraid I've enabled this behavior. Thankfully, she doesn't do it every day.
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Cats in the wild typically eat in groups (think of a pride of lions at a kill). My Stumpy, who just had all of his teeth pulled and is having difficulty eating without them, eats a lot better when other cats are nearby.

Maybe you are just one of the pride? I'd take it as a compliment!
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That makes sense.
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Chloe is definitely like that. she'll stop eating if it seems like I'm not paying attention. she's so small still (much smaller than her brother of the same age) and doesn't eat much so I try to encourage as much as possible. Or maybe she's just training me to pet her while she eats

Berach and Beatrix on the other hand would eat all day if I let them...
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Oh that's funny!

Mine won't eat until I shake the dry in her bowl a certain way.
She looks up at me with these big forlorn eyes until I do it - although just moments ago she was crying for a refill!
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Nikita sometimes stalks around the hallway meowing and doesn't stop until I come to her and then she'll walk to her food purring like mad and start eating. If I leave too soon she'll start the whole thing all over again.

I've always found it a bit weird but it's sort of cute. She does it mostly in the evening so it doesn't interfere with my sleep fortunately.
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