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angry kitty

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About three months ago I adopted 2 cats, a 2 year old and a 2 month old. The cats became best of friends and were inseprepable. However, yesterday I got the 2 month old, a male neutered. Brought him home, and now the 2 yearold female is terrified of him. She has been hissing at him and trying to attck him- just like she doesn't know him.

Is this normal? Will she stop once he no longer smells like the vet?

Desperate for advice!!!!!!
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Don't panic. Yes, they will be fine once he stops smelling like the Vet clinic. It usually doesn't take long. You can speed the process up by taking a towel and rubbing it on the female (especially around her mouth) to get her scent on it and then rubbing it on the kitten or you could brush them with the same brush. I never worried much about it myself - things settled down quickly enough.
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Try sprinkling all cats with cornstarch baby powder or put a dab of vanilla extract on their nose.

You can always give them a bath so they smell the same.
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