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Someone dumped a dog at my work!

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I just went to let our store dogs out to go potty and when I did in ran a Black and white Lhasa Apso? He's really dirty and stinky. This is the first time since Ive worked here that someone has dumped a dog on us. Kittens yes dogs no. So I have no idea what we are going to do with him. For now he's crated in the back but he isnt getting along with Ben and Jerry so I know we cant have him here. The rescue I foster for is full so he cant go there. Im going to give Joe a call see if he wants Granny to have a friend. Why are people such idiots! At least come in and ask us if we would help. My boss hardly ever turns a healthy animal away. Now we have to find someplace for this guy.
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aw, poor little guy hope you can find somewhere for him to go!
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Aww the poor baby!! It is truly awful how some people could just dump a pet away like that! Sending lots of vibes for this little guy to find his furrever home!!
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It's terrible what people do...good vibes going your way so you can find a good home easily and quickly.
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People are sick. They would rather dump an animal than take the time to drop it off at a no kill shelter. Someone dumped our kitten Stuart out the window of their car (we're guessing, because his back looks broken and rehealed). It just makes me sick knowing people just plain don't care
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I think I might be bringing him home. I have to make sure he's ok with cats and kids but no one else wants him. If he doesnt do well at my house his only option is going to animal control. Ive emailed everyone I can think of no one can take him. I called Joe but hes at work and said he'd get back to me later. He's not sure if Granny would be ok with other dogs or not.
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See, now people just suck sometimes. We've had numerous dogs wait until someone is gone, then leave them in a kennel. I mean, I was literally gone for 3 minutes...and come back to a dog in a kennel outside our shelter. Which, BTW, we had no room for.

I hope you can find this guy a home!!
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Awww, the poor little guy..probably wondering what the heck happened and where his family is
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He doesnt appear to have a very good temperment. Im hoping he's just scared and Im going to give him some to relax before I eveluate him more. So far things arent looking good for him. Please sends some vibes his way. I hope he calms down soon.
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More vibes and prayers going your way. You're an angel for even considering taking him home!
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Hopefully he will calm down a bit as he get more use to you.

It is a sad thing when people show so little responsibility for their pets. Even if situations arise and they can't keep the animal at least they should have the decency to try and find a new home for it instead of just dumping it.

Sending along some vibesthat things work out for the little guy.
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Cases like this little dog's make me wish that microchipping were mandatory, and dumping animals would result in some serious jail time.
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I hate it when people do that. A innocent poor animal being abandoned just breaks my heart. Keep us posted on what happens!
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that is awful poor little guy, I hope you find a good home for him
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Poor dog

I wouldn't have a good temperment if I were just 'dummped' and I were filthy.
He needs a bath.

My Cassy was 'dumped' we think.

For you and the poor dumped dog.
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People suck!!

poor lil fellow. Please keep us updated on him!!
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So the little bugger is at home and is doing pretty well. He's actually pretty big. I took him to the vets on the way home and he appears to be very healthy. No worms, heartworm negative, no fleas, and vet confirmed he was a Lhasa Apso or a Lhasa Apso mix. I dont know the correct size for the breed or anything but hes 20 lbs. Once he calmed down hes been sooo sweet. I think I might just have to keep him myself. He did good with the cats and Ari.
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