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Daily Thread Hump Day 26 September

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Hello all.

Today was an interesting day for Neko, the little bugger bought home 2 frogs and a lizard.

Also I caught this little monster eating my parsley,

I removed one 1/2 that size the other day so my nieces in law could have a butterfly but it died this morning. So maybe I will give this one to them too. Thats about 5 parsleys eaten in 3 days

Have a great day
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It's normal morning to do, animals to be fed, breakfast to eat...

But outside it's GORGEOUS. The trees are beautiful, and for once the sun is shining! I might just have on TCS to celebrate.
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Rainy and cool here today, leaves flying all over the place.

Went into work early this morning for a meeting at 8:30 so finished up early and now have the rest of the day just to putter.

Have some housework that needs to get done so I guess that will be it.

Kitties are good, Linus is recovering from a bumblebee sting, he learned a very valuable lesson about not using bumblebees for toys. Poor little guy I think his pride was hurt more then anything else.

Everyone have a good day.
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Good afternoon!

It is rainy here much going on. Just workin as per usual

Humpday though, so almost weekend!!!!!!!!
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Yeah the week is half way over, but today stinks! I have a cold so I am sneezing and coughing and just not feeling good at all really... I have school all day, so I am just waiting to go home!!!
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