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Need some advice from a fello cat lover or two!

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Hi there! Anyone who could give me some advice i would greatly appreciate it as i am really worried and could do with some advice from fello cat lovers!

To give you the background: A month and a half ago i adopted a Persian Kitten, when we got him from the breeder she had warned us he had a slight cold so gave us two antibiotics (half to be taken once a day) and also gave us 2 capsules of something called progam to give him once every two weeks, she said to prevent fungal diseases and fleas. He also didnt have any of his vaccinations even though he was 14 weeks when we got him.

The breeder asked us that we see her vet for his first appointment and to get the vaccinations the vaccinations were part of the price of the kitten. We agreed to this even though it was going to take us an hour to travel there, i also presumed that being a registered breeder she would want to make sure that he was given a clean bill of health and wanted to assure her we were responsible adoptive cat parents. She also promised to bring his papers as her computer had broken.

A week came and we couldnt get hold of her to find out about the appointment (i even called round all the vets in her area to find out), by this stage he really wasnt well his nose had thick green slime falling from it, my boyfriend was Orbis Oiling his nose with steam once a day which seemed to relieve him slightly, but the poor little chap was in my mind getting worse and finding it very hard to breathe. I decided he needed to get checked over straight away so we took him to a well respected vet near us. We were told that we had one sick cat, he had an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection with a severe chest infection so he was put on a course of anti biotics.

Over the next 10 days slowly but surely he seemed to be breathing easier, however now we had a new problem, my boyfriend and i seemed to be coming up in huge spots all over us, mine became really severe, after searching on the internet we found it looked like ringworm so on the return trip to the vet he checked the kitten under the ultra violet light. He told us that he was riddled with ringworm and for that amount he must have had it for a length of time, he was however well enough to get his first vaccination which i was very pleased about. We were then prescribed Malseb shampoo and diligently bath him (Which he HATES) 1-2 times a week.

On the next visit we were told that the ringworm had disappeared on his body but his ears were still extremely bad, the vet suggested that we apply the malseb on his ears daily not washing it off. We did this for two days but then noticed that his little ears were scabbing and what looked like the top two layers of skin were peeling off. We have washed it off and since then it has got all crusty and the scabs are rolling back and falling off. Does anyone know whether this is normal, i called the vet and he said if the cat doesnt seem in any pain (he doesnt, his ears just seem a bit itchy) it should sort itself out and the skin should just grow back, it maybe that the malseb was a little strong and burnt the top layer of the skin. I just feel AWFUl for my lovely cat, he is such a happy little soul and doesnt deserve this. I have heard him sneeze a bit over the past couple of days and i am now paranoid he is getting sick again. He lives in a lovely warm house although in the evenings i do air the place for about half an hour could i have given him a cold by doing this as it is getting colder outside? I am also worried that the ringworm infection may still be on his ears and there is now nothing we can do to treat it. Please can anyone help. He is supposed to be getting neutered next week and i dont want to put him under anymore stress. To be honest i think i am stressing more than he is, as long as he gets cuddles he is happy!

He has a VERY healthy appetite he has Science Plan wet food for kittens given to him in the morning and in the evening and has a special Persian dry mix thoughout the day. He also has kitty grass but doesnt yet understand that its there to eat he finds it much better jumping on it!

Also if you could give me some advice on how to approach the breeder, i would not give up my little friend for love nor money but dont you think it is a bit out of order to give us an extremly sick cat with severe ringworm? She must of had an idea, we were told he had a cold but ringworm? We also still have no papers for the cat, even though i have left a message asking for them to be posted.

Sorry about the long feed....some advice would be fab especially for the cat as he just wants his adopted Mummy person to stop worrying!
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It sounds like you encountered a very bad breeder. To say this was "a bit out of order" is an understatement! I'm sorry I can't help you as I have no experience with breeders or ringworm but there are others here who do they will probably be along shortly. I just wanted to wish you well in getting your new little one to good health.
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You can use over the counter fungal medicine for humans for ringworm. He probably needs a bath too.

If you cannot get a connection with this 'breeder', you might want to report them to a breeder association?

Sorry your have a bad experience, not good at all.
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Oh my goodness, that must have stressed you out so badly! I'm so sorry to hear how much you've been through. It's great news that the little one is getting better!

As for this person, you need to report them. I believe you can report them to the places they are registered as a breeder. You may want to see if the breeding forum has some suggestions on who to contact. You could post there with a question about 'how to report a bad breeder'....What they did to you AND to the kitten was absolutely horrible. They promised you things they didn't deliver, took your money and more than likely will take no responsibility for it.

Good breeders would never in a million years deliver a kitten without his shots and in such poor condition.
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I am so sorry for your terrible experience. It sounds like you have found a good vet, love your little guy and that he is getting better!
I hope that you will hear from several breeders for some advice in dealing with your bad breeder! It sounds as if you have tried to reach her without any luck. At the very least, I think that she should reimburse you for all of your medical expenses. Since you bought a pedigreed kitten, maybe you could call the breed association and file a complaint about the breeder.
You may also want to go into the breeders forum and ask some questions there.
I am glad you found us and welcome to TCS! We would love to see pictures!
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Many thanks for your post. I agree "a bit out of order" is a bit of an understatement i could say a lot more but i probably would be taken off the site! Will keep you posted and thanks for your support.
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Did you sign a contract? If so what does it say?
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Thanks for your support and advice, i didnt realise you could use over the counter creams, after catching it from the cat i have so much in the cupboard i am well stocked!! Although i have had a bad experience, it takes none of the complete joy i feel whenever i see him. I will keep you posted on how it all goes. Thanks again.
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Terbinafine cream is the best for topical over the counter -- once a day, and it WORKS!

I would raise he** with the breeder -- that is dreadful.
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I'm sorry to hear about your kitten. I hope he gets well soon.

Unfortunately you've fallen for a bad breeder. Who is your kitten registered with? If it's GCCF please report the breeder. No breeder should sell a kitten that is sick or unvaccinated - it's against GCCF code of ethics. Breeders have been suspended for selling kittens with ringworm. It's also against the code of ethics to not give registration papers at the point of sale (the only justifiable reason for withholding is if the breeder is waiting for proof of neutering). That's assuming he is actually registered. I don't know much about TICA and FIFE, but I assume they have a similar code of ethics.

I assume this is your first pedigree cat? It's a shame you didn't check out the GCCF website before you got your kitten as there is advice there for potential owners on what to look for and expect in a breeder. But that's all water under the bridge and we all make mistakes. I'm not sure you'll get very far with this "breeder" tbh. No half decent breeder would sell a kitten in that state so I'd be surprised if she started acting responsibly now. Did the kitten come with insurance cover? Most breeders provide a 6 week insurance cover note which would cover vets fees, but if not I'd get legal advice on whether you can make the breeder pay the vet bill.
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Hi - Geez... I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. I have 2 persians and have been thru upper respiratory infections with both and also a horrible case of ringworm. I didn't realize they had ringworm until I got it! I was told my one persian is a carrier, so it does tend to come and go and is contagious to both animals and humans. I constantly have to keep on top of it. I tried everything under the sun for their ringworm and was prescribed everything you can think of from the vet. In the end, I found the only thing that seems to work is bathing them in a Lyme/Sulphur Dip. As general maintenance to keep the ringworm away, I give them a bath in this about every 4-5 months. Not sure if this is the same as the Malesbo Shampoo. The problem is, I am having a hard time finding it. I always bought it on the internet, but for some reason cannot find it lately.

As far as the URI's. My 2 cats get these quite often. Persians can be prone to getting upper respiratory infections. If you catch it early, a course of antibiotics from the vet always takes care of it.

Also... stress can be a big factor in causing a ringworm outbreak and also URI's.

Not sure what to tell you about the breeder. I would venture to say she knew about these conditions. The very first persian I ever had I bought from a breeder; only because I didn't know any better. I have since found out that there are tons of purebreed cats out there that need homes; including persians! The 2 persians I have now I got from rescue organizations. One came from the SPCA and the other came from Animal Control. I'll never buy from a breeder again!

Good luck... keep us posted on your babies condition. He's lucky he went to a good home
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When i found her website on the internet i checked first to make sure she and her cattery was GCCF registered and it was. He is my first Pedigree however i just presumed i had done enough research (always a bad thing). She had promised to bring me the transfer papers and the pedigree blood line papers when we met her at her vets the following week but she didnt then answer our calls. I know maybe i should of been more forceful but at the time i was so desperate to get him home that i let her get away with not giving us the papers. Never did it cross my mind that she wouldnt be meeting us the week later.

In the long scheme of things as you say it doesnt look like we are going to get very far with this breeder i have called the GCCF and they have said that they can take the matter further and get all the paper work from her for me. I checked to see if she has registered my kitten but she hasnt (and she did promise to). I stupidly thought that getting him from a registered breeder would mean that he would be a healthy cat. I realised that he wasnt very well but it wasnt until we got him home we realised to what extent. Although the vets bills are getting quiet expensive, to be honest one look at him and the money doesnt seem to matter, although it would be great to get something from her, i doubt we will. The vets bills have already reached the £170 mark and we have only had him for a month and a half, he hasnt even been neutered yet...that comes next weekend poor cat hopefully it will be his last stress for a while! He is one EXPENSIVE boy but its worth it!!

Thanks again for all your advice as soon as i get the hang of how the site works i will get some photos up.

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