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Is my kitty sick or just having a bad day?

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Last night, my cat Tigger (9 yo) was just fine, being his usual self. But this morning before I left for work, he seemed not himself. usually when i wake up late (like today), he's up and meowing at me to wake me up and then he rushes to follow me to the bathroom while i get ready. this morning, he laid in the same spot the whole time. he wasnt sleeping, but was just laying there watching me. by the time im finished getting ready, he's usually up and meowing at me cuz he knows it's time for him to eat--he wasnt doing that, he continued to lay there. he didn't even chase after me when i went to get his can of food and when i plopped it into his dish (very wierd!). so then i went to the kitchen drawer that has his treats in it, he did follow me there tho. so i put his treats next to his dish and he followd me there and that's when he also realized i put out new food, so then he ate his treats. hopefully his food too cuz i left to work then. im gonna go home at lunch today to check on him. i also petted his head and checked his nose. i dunno if he's always warm or if he seems warmer today and his nose was dry and warm. can A/C affect a cat? we had it on all night at a low temp. do u think he's sick or just having a bad day (my day isn't all that good today either)? it is gonna be a full moon tonight......
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I think you should schedule him to see the vet, just to be sure he is ok. You are his parent and you can see major differences in his behavior better than anyone else.

It sounds like this is a big difference in how he usually acts, so it is a good idea to make the appointment.

I hope he turns out to be ok!
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Unless you think he is seriously sick I see nothing wrong with waiting a day before deciding to take him to the vet. He doesn't really sound sick to me but he is not my cat. Cats normal temps are between 101 degrees and 103 degrees.
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Yeah but in another post tenef88 said he had to gently shake his kitty to wake it up and that this never happens. Based on the kitty being 9 years old and always jumping up ahead of time in the morning for so many years, I would take that as a sign he isn't well.

Actually one of my kitties did that a few months ago too, and I started watching him closely. Although he ate and seemed normal, he didn't get up as usual and he seemed limper and his fur seemed more rumpled.

I eventually saw he was swallowing a lot more. I took him to the vet and it turned out he had a sore throat.

Your guy may be ok, but really do watch him for little signs like the swallowing or eating a bit less, or a rusty meow, or litter box diarrhea or straining with urination, stuff like that, after you get home tonight.
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If he is eating and using the LB normally, I would wait one more day...if he is still weird tomorrow, then make an apt.
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Hi - I would watch him for a day and monitor his behaviors. Every once in a while I have this happen with one of my cats. I usually just keep a close eye on him and leave him alone to sleep. Within a day or 2 he is back to normal. Sometimes they can get little flu bugs just like us, but if he's not better in a few days I would see the vet. Good luck.
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