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Can I get some job vibes?

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I was suppose to start my new job today. However on Monday I found out that the start date has been delayed and there isn't any timeframe of when I'm starting.

I'm freaking right now because I did this entire move for this job and it could take another 4 months before I can start (due to background checks).

B doesn't have a job (yet) and now I don't have a job.

The recruiter is trying to work with me on finding another job in the meantime, but after 3 days no luck.
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oh no Jenney!! what a nightmare lots and lots of job vibes for you
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Oh my gosh, thats awful!! I hope things are straightened around for you all quickly
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Accck, thats awful!
What a cruel thing for them to do, do they realize what kind of situation they've put you in?

I'm sending good vibes! Hang in there!
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Of course we'll send lots of vibes for you and B.
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oh man, that ,, that .. i cant say on a family site.
i would be going off on them, i really would.

i wish you the best of luck,
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You have got to be kidding. The company just informed you that after your move???
Why would background checks take so long.
Do you have a contact HR person you can talk to???
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Just to clarify, it's not them, its me...or a part of my background. It's a government job and there was a red flag that they need to investigate further before I can start.

I've been joking that its all my time spent on TCS They think I may leak secrets :P
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Hopefully things will get cleared up fast!
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Oh my... You are dealing with it better than I would How are you with computers? Ever thought about working from home? Maybe it could help you even just until you find something you like or get to start the job you moved for? Here's an article you can check out... ABC News: Help! How Do I Work From Home??? They have a list of a few reputable companies to apply through. I did find one on their list that is a fortune 500 company. I wouldn't mess around with them. The others though have some fairly descent opportunities to include tech support, customer service, etc. The pay isn't that bad, but could usually be a little better. At the same time you have no traveling expenses or sitter fees (if you have children). You can choose your own hours and usually can work anywhere from 20-60 hours depending on your schedule They also list some ideas and resources for creating your own product line. If your crafty, artistic etc... maybe you could find a way to work things out for now that way?
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I would be freaking out!!! Sending tons of jobs
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OH NO Jenney! how scary and uncertain you must feel

I am sending many vibes that you get to start soon
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Lots of vibes hoping thing work out really quickly for you. That really is a nasty situation to be in.
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Lots and lots of that you can start ASAP!
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I really hope things turn out in your favor. I'm sorry to hear all this. I know its tough on you. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!
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Believe me everyone, I AM FREAKING OUT. I just try to joke to cover it all up. I'm just really glad that I don't have to worry about rent until Nov 1 and the utilities until next month.

The stupid thing is that a long long time ago (galaxy far away) I really wanted to work at the FBI. So I purposely avoided all situations that could get me arrested (even in college) and kept my credit score excellent. However there were a couple of sections that could probably be the token for the cause that I didn't think it would be. This weekend B told me about one section that I did fill out that was seen as a red flag and could cause the delay.

I'm just thankful the recruiter is really awesome and is trying to provide me a position in the meantime. If it was a "sorry that's too bad...good luck finding a job" I would really be PO
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Oh no! I'm praying things move on and get settled for you! My Mom recently started working at the daycare center on our base and her background check took forever! And she is a military spouce!

I hope they find you something for in the meantime and then get you in the position you moved there for real quick like!
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oh no! lots of vibes headed your way hon
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Sending good luck your way!
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OK the recruiter sent me sample resumes for the area that I want to work in. Actuallly its one of the branches. I was looking forward to the research, but hopefully that will come quickly.

Anyway I just added the buzz words and changed some things to it. Hopefully my resume begins to pop up in more jobs!!!
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You'll be fine, Jen. Me and my cats are sending you our magic vibes.
:vi bes:
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just checking to see if anything has changed
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Nothing yet. although I did receive a reply to a job I posted 2 months ago..however the position is in DC, so unless the provide 100% upfront costs - no way. Besides I'd be in the same position as I am now.
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Good luck, this is a horrible situation you are in, but hopefully things will clearly up shortly for you!
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Well good news is that I have a phone screen tomorrow afternoon with a company.
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Sendind GOOD LUCK vibes in getting a job soon, and getting the red flag cleared!
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