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Lazy Boys

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It is amazing how fast Milo is growing. He is adorable but such a little terror haha, he likes to chase the other cats around and likes to play with Tanner, while he's in his crate. He's about 4 1/2 months now.


Lex sleeping as usual
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Milo and Lex are precious!! I love sleepy cats!!
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Wow! Milo has really big feet! Wonderful pictures of your kids!
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Milo looks, sleeps and sounds just like my Jack who is the same age
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Milo is beautiful...I adore his silver-gray tabby markings.
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Milo is gorgeous!! and Lex is just a prince
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They are ADORABLE!
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I love silver tabbies, what georgous little sleepy heads
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They are gorgeous!
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Thanks everyone! Lex and Milo are glad you think they are cute

Rosiemac- It must be a kitten thing hehe but I don't remember Lex and Tiggy being that rambunctious when they were his age!
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