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Hello, I'm a new list member !

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I am a brand new member, so Hello everyone!
And, I am also a Homeopath and Naturopath, so if anyone needs my help in those subjects, I can be reached thru my Website:
My Clients include both Humans, Birds and Animals of all kinds. And I Raise Cats for 30+ years.
My Hobbies are Music, Sculpting, and Other mediums of Art, such as Watercolor and Berol Prismacolor. I do Numerology as a curious Hobby only, to find the best name for a winner for show cats, too.
And I love Lapidary work. And Fish. And Plants. I found and planted a Blackberry called "Doyle" from Texas, that is guaranteed to make 50 gallons of Berries per plant. Every time a friend comes to mow our grass for us he mows the poor thing down, so we have yet to taste any. But I hear they are delicious!
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Welcome to the site! I am sure you can add quite a bit. I only dabble in homeopathy a little. I have a book for refrence. Thank goodness I havnt had to use it yet!!
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Thanks for the Welcome!!!!
This looks like a fun place to talk with friends!
My favorite Cats (the ones that own my house) are Booty and Riki. Booty is Blue, and Riki is a Shaded Gold Cameo.
And he is a little buttinsky. Everything has to be to HIS approval.
Yesterday, he was "helping" me write E's and he walked on the mouse and punched "send all" a message that was NOT supposed to get sent!!!
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I may be crazy, but from the colors I am assuming your precious ones are persians. When I am not half asleep any ready for bed, I will have to throw some questions your way in the health forum. I hope you stick around and get to know everyone!!
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Yes! I am pretty tired too, been workin' all day!
Nope! My baybeeze are Cornish rexes, little curley monkies. Oops! NOT little, they are both obese!!!
Bad Alva!!!
I am just starting them on Methylate, so I know they will slim down. have you ever seen a ROUND Crex?
Booty looks like a bowling ball!
I guess I am going to have to give up and buy some diet kitty food for those two. My other two are just fine, no excess baggage, but these buggers, want to eat ALL the time!
When they run out of dry, (I feed free choice, 1/2 cup each), Riki will get right in my face, like the oyster monster on Alien and look me in the eyes as if bee beeing me the message, "Well? AREN'T you going to FEED US?"
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Great to see you here Alva!

People, Dr. Alva is a real expert on Homeopathy, so if you need any guidance in that - she's the one to ask.

Are your kitties Persian? I thought they were Cornish Rex.

Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy them!
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Alva; How wonderful to have you with us. I, too, find Homeopathy interesting and want to learn more about how to help ourselves without drugs. I know I will have some questions for you, and I look forward to sharng cat tales. I have had (or been had by) cats for well over 30 yrs. also. Can't wait to see pictures of your Rex's they are such interesting and intelligent looking cats. Aren't they thought to be one of the oldest breeds? Does the Devon Rex refer to a particular country? What state did you say you live in? I also take it from your post that you show your cats?
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Welcome to The Cat Site! It's very nice to meet you, along with your feline buddies. So, now we've "a doctor in the house"!

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Ah Ha...sorry it was a good guess though. I see the shaded colors used more with the persians. They Rex's are adorable though. I know a few breeders and love to pet them. The association I show with always say they are supposed to be tubeular. When they get overweight they call them Tub-u-lar.I hope you can post some pictures!!
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welcome to our diverse little community
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Want to welcome you to our family!
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And a welcome to the board too! Do you also do horses? My one gelding gets so eat up with fly and gnat bites in the summer. This year, he is swollen early because our winter was so mild none of the eggs were killed. Is there something I can feed him that will stop the flies from biting? he is really miserable, while my other one never even gets bit! I am wondering if it is because Racer is dark bay and my other guy is lighter??? I feed garlic and apple cider vinegar in their grain now, but if there is something else, I would really like to know. I also planted wild garlic in their fields but the plants are small right now....
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I would also like to welcome you and seeing photos of those adorable cats.
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Hoo boy!! So many new friends!!!
OK, let me see if I can remember the questions in order. Hi, Anne, no all I have are C rexes, I am severely allergic to Regular cats. Mine are Hypoallergenic.
My Cattery partner Julie is the one who shows the cats.
You can see my kittie poos at:
Actually the Cornish rex is one of the youngest breeds, found as a mutation in 1950 in Cornwall, England. The Devon is an entirely DIFFERENT mutation and was found in Devon, England. Maybe radioactivity from a meteor or a space ship???
...ummm, Oh, yes! Horses and flies!
Yes, there is an ingredient you can add that may make those flies go away, and that would be brewer's yeast. The Niacin smell flies do not like.
1 pound per 100pounds by weight. Also a little cottonseed meal sometimes does it as well or in addition to.
The Edge company sells a thing that repels mosquitos by sending out the digital recordings of a male mosquito, and also the sound of a dragonfly. Since flies hate dragon flies too, maybe that thing would help your barn. It is worth a try.
I used to put lots of those water drowning fly traps around, and that golden bait, that worked wonderfully to keep the population of flies down to almost zero.
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Hi!!!! Welcome!!!! You sound so very smart!!! I do have one question....coming from an Iowa gal...what the heck is a homeopath? And the other word you used?

Sorry...I'm not really a hillbilly ignoramous here... (least I don't think so) But I honestly don't have a clue what you mean.
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Hi, Debbie,
On my Website: http://www.askahomeopath.net on the Links page you will see the Article "Homeopathy Explained" That will tell you exactly what you want to know. I could try to do that here, but it would take too long.
A Naturopath is an Alternative Health Caregiver, Similiar to an Osteopath but NOT from the Medical Field, but who can use Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Exercise, Suppliments, Homeopathics, Acupuncture, Accupressure, and all kinds of other Alternative Methodology to help a person's Body Heal itself.
There are a lot of people who aren't familiar with what I do. I have a funny story to tell! :o
When I first moved to this State, I called ahead to find Other Naturopaths that practiced here, so maybe I could share a practice, or he could give me pointers, etc. WOW! Was I on the wrong track!!! In SC they are so cut-throat it isn't funny! anyway, He said no one really knew what a Homeopath or Naturopath was, and to get them to understand what it was that I did, I should tell them that I was a "Root Doctor"! Not knowing what a Root Doctor was, I told everyone I saw, until a Friend of mine nearly fainted when I blurted that out, and quietly told me that in SC, a "Root Doctor" practiced VooDoo!!!! The guy was a real jerk to have done that to me, but I sure learned what a "Root Doctor" was!!!
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I can just imagine what you went through. As a cat breeder, I do this for the well being and the love of the cat. I tried talking to other breeders and share things, but nobody wants to talk to you. So I say the heck with them now!!!
I do have a human question for you though. Is there anything that you know of to help with Kidney function. My husbands kidneys arent working properly and there's really no cure short of trying Leukemia drugs in combination with steroids. I was hoping theres something out there to help with his energy levels and body aches.
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Hi, Sandee,
Absolutely, I have had great sucess with helping the Body restore Kidney function. Even Diabetic Kidneys.
Go to my Website http://www.askahomeopath.net
and go to the button bar to the left, go to complete workup, and you will see a waiver to print and sign, a questionaire to print and fill out, and instructions to follow on how to take the Hair and Photo samples I need to do the Research to find out what the CAUSE is of your Husband's Kidney malfunction.
There is a Paypal order button right there, and the instructions will tell you how to send, what to send all that.
When I receive everything in the mail, I will do the Research, find the cause, make reccommendations as to what Vitamins/Minerals he may be imbalanced in and suggest things he may need to find in a Health food store to get himself back into balance. I will also suggest Certain Homeopathic remedies that will alleviate the problem immediately, but the Nutritional side is most important because THAT is what will KEEP him in balance after I get him there.
You can E-mail me privately from there also if you need to ask me anything. Alva
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Thank you very much! In the morning I will will get on your site. It is past my bedtime, even for a Fri. I will e mail you with any questions I have. I will get the paper from the Dr's and tell you what they are calling it. It was the strangest thing too. I just want him to feel better! It must have been carma you joining the site. I was just telling a friend I was going to look for some alternative methods to help him!! Thanks again.
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You are welcome, Sandee!
I am looking foreward to helping you both.
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Welcome from a fellow newbie...also joined in May of 2001....Glad to see another cat lover and owner of kitties..
DebbieA and the Kids..Tai-Tai, Zoe, And Baby
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Hi, Tell me about your Kittie poos!!!
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Do you know anything about Reiki? My father was a 2nd degree Reiki. The healing in his hands was truly amazing!
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All I know about Reiki is that is works in some cases.
Particular in Spiritual type imbalances.
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Alva; Your site is fascinating. I am learning so-o-o-o much. I have only visited once, but can't wait to get back. Thanks so much for joining here and for posting the site.

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Hi, Three legged! (Don't know your first name!!!) thank you.
Today it is messed up because my Webbuilder is still working on it and adding stuff to the product page and links page.
How do you make those waving and bouncing little creatures appear on your messages?
I'd love to be able to do that!
Please tell me!!!
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Alva; There is a thread in the Cat Lounge that blue posted called How to get smilies ad more neat things (or something like that) and at the beginning of the thread she explains it really well. The thread is several pages long now, but click on the first page and the introduction on smilies for dummies (like me) made it easy to do.

My first name is Darlene.
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Thank you, Darlene!!! I'll go right now!!!
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Alva....Thank you for your information, and I can't wait to check out your site when I have more time!!! I am so thrilled you have joined us here!!!!!
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Thank you, Debbie, Let me know how you like it.
Goad to be here too!!!
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