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Originally Posted by ClaireBear View Post
I agree, the problem has nothing to do with his age. There are plenty of 20 something year olds that could do that job responsibly. The problem stems from his lack of passion for the job, not from his age.
i thought MAYBE he was 20, and that was being generous, he looked ALOT younger, dressed with pants 20 sizes to big, with a loud shirt, ahr unkept and looked like unwashed in a long time. I stood there like 20 minutes before he even LOOKED at me, and then was like, " what do u want?"

i asked if he was the manager, he was like, " yes, i guess".. I just didnt care for his " dont give a crap" attitude, and i used a 20 something because without being able to see him, thats my best idea of a description.

and the reason i was talking age as well, is because i meant they dont need a kid that dosent care working as a manager. i dont care if hes a kid, adult or senior, the attitude is what makes me angry. i am 29, so still in my 20's, and i knew more about animals at 17 then he doesnt right now i think.
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Sounds like he was posing as the manager. Perhaps there wasn't a legit one on duty and he figured he would act like one. I use to do that in retail a lot.

I would send a letter or an email to Petsmart with this guy's name and report his attitude with you.
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I know and I was not saying just you. I dont mean for it to be offensive. but a couple other posts came off as he was a bad manager because he is 20. I would have been very upset with his actions too, and I would have probably gotten a name and come back to speak to the head person in charge. (although sometimes that gets us nowhere too. . . )
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I just started volunteering at the local rescue shelter here in Naples. I found them after my friends cat had 6 kittens and had no where to take them when they were ready to be adopted. The shelter is partnered with Petsmart here and Petsmart adopts out kittens 7 days a week. The shelter spays/neuters, gives first shots, and keeps the kittens well cared for until it is time for them to find good homes. The cost of adoptions for kittens at Petsmart is $60 dollars which does not even cover the fee for the spay/neuter. Petsmart and my local animal rescue is doing a terrific job giving abandoned animals and unwanted kittens the chance to find a good home when they would otherwise have the chance to.
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I forgot to add that although, my shelter does a good job in caring for thier cats and kittens, Not all do and I am glad that you were there to recognize that there is a problem in the store.
Thank you for caring about the kittens and taking action to get the problem solved.
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