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Egyptian Mau

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I was looking at some of the various breeds of cats and thought the Egyptian Mau was absolutely stunning. I would like to learn more and was wondering if there are any members here who breed or keep them and what your experiences are with them. Things such as temperament, special needs, are they a cat that can be left alone at home without human companionship for 10-12 hours a day, etc? Anything that comes to mind that you would want to pass along.

Someday I would like to think about getting one but that's still a ways off.

Thank you.
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I don't have one, but I do have some experience with them as 2 friends own(ed) EM's - one was a silver, other is a smoke. Both were show cats but neither really liked showing that much.

From what I've seen, the EM's they owned were not overly friendly with strangers - prefered the company of their adoptive parents (owners). And IMO if you don't watch their weight, they tend to pack on the pounds and become overweight quickly. BTW both EM's were males and usually they are a lot more friendly then females - but in this case, they were opposite

What color is your fav (silver, bronze, smoke)?
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my EM is a love bug. he loves everyone, even strangers. he did pack weight on quickly but we caught it ASAP. he has some allergies to food that we've been able to keep under wraps - he has a chronic cough that is from allergies too.

he chats ALL the time and it's a really delicate talk.
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I've also heard that Maus are some of the fastest housecats around, and love long spaces they can run in. They can hit upwards of 30 miles an hour if they run regularly and have a good space with good traction.

That also means that they can burn through a lot of energy, so I can see how some could get fat
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Thanks for the info.

With their weight, I take it they are a cat that needs to have a lot of exercise in addition to keeping an eye on their diet?

Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
What color is your fav (silver, bronze, smoke)?
I like all three. Silver is always stunning. Smoke is very interesting color, very cool looking. The bronze gives them kind of a wild cat look. To be honest, I would happy with any of the three.
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Well the one smoke that's being shown now in the area - she's either overfeeding him or he doesn't get a lot of exercise
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