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My two new babies - 8 weeks old

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Here are some pics of Luna and Neko, both moggies. Luna is the grey tabby, Neko brown. Their favourite past-time at the moment is play fighting and Luna has taken to chasing her tail!

Ali x
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I think those images are too big.. huge apologies!
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LOL!! Two little cuties all the same though.
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They are adorable! So precious at that age aren't they?
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Welcome to you and your two sweet Scottish babies! Look at those adorable little faces!
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Awwww, they are so adorable!! I LOVE the second pic! It looks like they are smiling!
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oh my goodness!! those pics need a mega cuteness warning!!! how adorable are those little faces
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They just adorable! I love their little grins...just too cute...

And the pictures aren't too big.
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They are soo adorable!!!!! Baby kitties are soo cutesy!
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I just adore how fuzzy they are! What loves~ I have to say, I've seen a lot of kitten faces and theirs are some of the sweetest.
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AWE! They are SO cute!
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They are cute arent they! Little Luna's nose is much better now since that photo was taken. i think it was probably a little fight wound from an overenthusiastic sibling!

A very kind moderator resized my giant photos - thank you!

These two have become very much part of our family already, and they've only been with us since saturday
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AWWWW, your babies are so cute. Whenever I see cute kittens I think I want another one, but then I remember that now I get to sleep through the night. Although those two faces would be worth losing a little sleep over.
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my kittens name is luna! they are tooo cute
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Awww, they are precious! I love the second pic!
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