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R.I.P. Sweet Nighty

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Today I learned that one of my best friend's cats, Nighty, had passed on. I am sure she had a wonderful life, and I know that she went peacefully. Still, she will be missed by many, especially by her sister Tiger.
I hope that Nighty is happy where ever she is, and I hope the rest of us can learn to move on.

You will always be in our hearts, Nighty.

Cat-love to you, and to everyone, now and forever.
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Nighty will be safely across Rainbow Bridge now, and she'll have been met by all the other TCS cats

Have a wonderful time at your new home Nighty

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RIP Nighty.
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Rest in Peace Nighty

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RIP little Nighty you were loved Sweetheart.
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RIP Nighty
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I'm so sorry.

RIP Nighty
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Hi everyone,

This is Nighty's mom. Thanks to my friend KatKat who told me about Rainbow Bridge. It's very comforting reading all the posts on this board.

Nighty was a feral cat that I've been taking care of for more than 14 years. When I first met her, she would run away or hiss if anyone approached her. Over the years, she warmed up to me and became one of the sweetest, funniest cats I've ever met. Eventually, she loved following me around the backyard so much that I had to be careful not to trip over her!

She loved playing with ping-pong balls. She also loved to climb trees and she was a great hunter. When she was younger, she would catch birds and mice and proudly drop them off in our yard.

I could never convince her to become a house cat, because I think she was truly happiest outside exploring and having adventures with her sister Tiger.

This past weekend Nighty passed away. My neighbor found her underneath their bushes. My neighbor had become very fond of her and Tiger over the years as well. Nighty is now buried in my neighbor's backyard. I'm glad she is resting in the same area she spent her whole life.

Her poor sister Tiger has been hiding a lot the past few days. We have all been giving her extra attention and love until she recovers from this. =( Please send some thoughts to Tiger also.

Thank you everyone for listening. Here's a picture of Nighty in her favorite sleeping spot - right under a tangle of rosebushes. =) I could never figure out how she managed to navigate her way around there.


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