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Ear mite solution

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Hey guys...

Sunny's got ear mites, meaning I should also treat Hobbes...

What can I get them at home to handle it? I know it's ear mites...encountered lots of cases in the past...just wondering if you guys could direct me to a way to handle it here at home.

Thank you!

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The very best remedy for ear mites I have come across is Revolution, which is a spot on treatment for fleas, some worms and will also prevent heartworm. It has to be purchased from a vet or by a script from a vet in the US. I don't think you would need to make an appointment, but could just call the vets office and ask to pick some up.

It is rather expensive, about $12 per tube if your vet will sell individual tubes. You might have to buy a 3 tube pack. In my experience one treatment is all that is needed.

Also, if you use other topical flea treatments you should not use this.
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Originally Posted by kittymonsters View Post
The very best remedy for ear mites I have come across is Revolution
Yep Revolution. Just a one month dose should take care of ear mites.
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I absolutely agree that Revolution is probably the best. BUT if you are looking for home remedies which it sounds like you might be, you can use mineral oil. Just a drop or two in each ear, rub it around in there and then use cotton balls or q-tips to clean the gunk out. Repeat this for 4-5 days or every other day for a week or so and things should clear up. I believe it drowns the mites and you wipe them out but you have to keep repeating to make sure you get it all. Use an eyedropper or something to put the oil in, you don't want too much.

In severe cases, you might want to look into Revolution. I am all for home remedies, I like to avoid the vet as much as possible. I am never quick to put my crew on medications either.
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Okay, great! Thanks so much, guys!

Jen...no, it's really not bad at all. I give my babies thorough checks often for things, so I know I've caught this very early on. Sunny just BARELY shows any signs, and though I have noticed ear scratching, I hadn't seen any sign of mites until last night.

So, I'll try the mineral oil first...and if they persist, we'll buy Revolution and use that.

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I use some stuff the vet gave me ...
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