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Pictures of Bengal

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Here are two pics of my new kitty, as asked by members in the New Cats on The Block forum

She is a darling, but I am having some concerns about her behavior

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OMG! She is soooo cute! What behavior problems are you having?
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So adorable!!!!! Please share your concerns of her behavior, maybe someone here can help!
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She's a cutie!
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Oh she is beautiful with such big paws.
Your little girl is going to grow & grow & grow.

If you are having behavior issues with this cutie,
I suggest that you start a thread about it in the behavior forum.
You should get some useful feedback there.
Thanks for sharing her pictures.
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She is a DOLL! Congrats!

You will definately get some answers in the Behavorial section
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What a cutie!
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Oh goodness, I LOVE her! :O She's so precious! One thing I love about Bengals is their amazing golden coats. So stunning! <3
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I don't see the pictures for some odd reason.. But hopefully the behavior issues will pan out!
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What a lovely little girll!
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What a swetheart! Se looks absolutely petite in that second picture...kind of like a blueberry muffin
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Oh my, she is too sweet!

If you're having problems you could always send her my way
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