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I needed a new keyboard so I made the mistake of going to Best Buy instead of driving to Microcenter and the only keyboards they had were Microsoft. I got it set up fine but went to talk to someone over MSN messenger through my headset and we both had trouble hearing each other. The sound would drop out, there would be static or there would be a delay. I had a previous problem where my webcam (now unhooked) would interfere with the headset. Is it possible that the wireless keyboard or the receiver is messing up the connection or is this an internet/MSN issue?

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never seen that happen, I guess it could.
i have found that msn or yahoo voice chat tend to suck.

try skype works much better.
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I've tried Skype and had horrible results with that.
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that is the first time i have ever head of a issue with skype.
with msn messges there is a option to recored and send a voice message,
that may help clear up the sound.

DO you have like a old fashion plug in kb you can use? just wonder if its coming from the wirelss then goign to that would clean it up.
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I'm thinking that there could be driver conflicts. The keyboard you purchased - was it a basic MS keyboard or a daVinci or ergo keyboard with a lot of frills and buttons (one button Internet access)?

Did you go from one keyboard to a totally different one? You may have to go into the Device Manager, uninstall the keyboard driver and reboot to reinstall it. Could be corrupt after switching out the two.

I would go out and see if there is an update to the driver for your headset as well.
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Oops...I forgot about this thread.

I figured out what the problem was. The place where I plugged the wireless receiver in was the same place where I had the previously mentioned web cam plugged in. I plugged the receiver into one of the USB ports on the front of the tower and everything is just peachy now.
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oh i see that old , i have to many toys problem. hehe, i have that issue also
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Oh I have had that problem before too... I had to put little labels on all the USB posts so I know what goes where
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