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Hi! Just recently came across this site and finally was able to post. We have a dog and 2 cats, one of which we just brought home this week. 1 grey tabby and 1 orange tabby, Enya and Blaze (at least that what my daughter thinks she'll name him). Enya is 9 months old and Blaze is guessed to be around 6 or 7 months. We got Enya in June. 2002, along with her brother, but we lost her brother to distemper the day after we brought them home and we fought for 2 weeks to save Enya from it, since she came down with it 2 days after her brother. I used alternative medicine along with sub q. fluids for ten days. She is very healthy now and full of energy and loves to run and jump and climb.
Blaze is the replacement for the one we lost. He's a big lover. I don't think we'll ever be able to sit down without him in a lap. He is a stocky little guy, whereas Enya is long and sleek like a cheetah with large eyes and ears and she talks a lot. Blaze purrs practically non stop.
We haven't introduced him to the other animals yet, other than letting him and the dog sniff noses with Blaze in a crate. There was no hissing or barking, so it may go well. Blaze lived with about a dozen other cats.
Well...I've gabbed enough. I enjoy the photos on here.
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I am sorry to hear about the loss of Enya's brother. Enya must be very special to you now that you've saved her life. (Great name, by the way!)

I'd love to see pictures of Enya and Blaze - I have to say, I am very partial to orange tabbies - my first cat was a great big orange boy, he was the biggest schmooze - such a cuddly, purry kitty. I really miss him.

Good luck with introducing Blaze to the others!

I think you'll like it here, it's a great bunch of people

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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have two very special kitties. I'm sure you have a special bond with Enya, helping her fight distemper and saving her life like that. Blaze sounds like a real dream of a kitty.

I'm glad you found us here, and I look forward to getting to know you, Enya, Blaze and even your dog on the boards. Really, feel free to talk about the pooch here too. We may all have cats, but we're really just animal lovers.
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Hi there! Great to have you, Enya and Blaze here (+ your dog - what is the doggie called)?

Hope to hear more about your furry family soon.
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I would love to see photos of all your babies!
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Welcome!!! Post some pics when you get a chance, and join us in the lounge!

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Can't wait to hear some great kitty stories!
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I can't post pictures because we don't have a scanner or digital camera, unfortunatly.
Enya is a gray tabby with an M on her forehead and stripes on her back, legs, and tail and spots on her tummy and some on her sides. She has some white on her face and black eye liner. She has a long thin body, large ears and eyes, a narrow, somewhat long face, longer back legs than front and she was born to run.
Blaze is orange pretty much overall, with a big O on each side of his body, some stripes on his tail and head and some other markings on the rest of his body that I can't quite describe. He has a squatty build in comparison to Enya, a round face, smaller eyes and ears, and I think he'll be a little shorter if they stay the same size, which I don't think they will. Enya's mother is small and I think she will be too. She weighs about 7 or 8 pounds at 9 months. The distemper may have stunted her growth a little too.
Our dog is Kiara, a Keeshond female. Lots of hair and a great disposition, but on the hyper side due to the breeding. She enjoys Enya, but plays a little too rough with her. She will help disipline Enya when Enya is opening a door she isn't supposed to be. Kiara was the alpha dog before Enya arrived, now Enya dominates. I think Blaze will be more passive.
We might start the introductions this weekend. I think Enya will give us the most problems, but hopefully she'll accept him since he needs a wrestling partner. He attacks ankles now that he doesn't have other cats to go after, so we need to break him of that or we'll never be able to go through a room without getting attacked The past couple of days he has shown us his other side. He can be quite ornery and loves to attack my daughter who chose him. He is used to playing with cats more than people, so it will take some time to change him. I think he'll be a good guy. Our house will get wild if they accept each other. Enya loves to bound off of the side of furniture or stairs as she runs by and flies over us on the couch, just missing us. I think she delights in surprising us that way. She's a nut!
Do any of you know of a site with pictures of the poisonous plants? Enya chewed some off of one today, but not very much and she seems fine so far.
Enjoy your fur families!
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Please be careful with plants and animals...... see links below

Poisonous Plants - Dogs and Cats

Another Site

Substances That Are Hazardous to Cats

Poisonous Plants, Drugs, and Household Toxins
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I merged the Thanks thread with your original one so everyone knows what kitties you are talking about.
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Hi! Welcome to the site. I hope all the introductions go well. Blaze sounds like a sweetie who will accept the fact that Enya rules the roost. Welcome to Kiara, too. We love dogs, too!
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We got a scanner, so when I learn how, I can post pictures of Enya and Blaze. I have no idea how good they'll be, but I couldn't pass up a $15.00 scanner (after the rebate, which I hope we'll have no problem getting!)
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Congrats on your new toy and we are all looking forward to the pictures!
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Can I ask where you got the scanner? I've been wanting one for a while now, but have been waiting for the right price. $15 is by far the best price I've seen (even though I'd have to go through the work of sending in the rebate and etc...but for that price it'd be worth it!).
Thanks and can't wait to see those pictures!
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We got it at Staples Office Supply. I think they have a website, so you could see if it's offered there if you don't have a store in your area. You can't beat the price unless someone gives you one. Granted, there are probably better ones on the market, but for our first one we decided it would be a good way to go so we can learn about them and find out what we really want in a scanner in the future.
It's a Memorex.
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