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oh god poo poo crud...open 5 days..got offers

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Saturday was our first 'for sale' day, i was at Tristan's but apparently 2 asian families came through. One wanted to extend (there is barely enough yard to extend the house) and the family of 4 (either 2 or 3 generations) came back on Monday because they are interested. Apparently asian people are very competative and will offer the top price for an investment (this is what both my father and the estate agent pointed out). Then yesterday (i was out again lol) an elderly indian couple came through, and apparently they were really nice and NOT talking about altering the house.

I'm so scared.

And you know what else happened? Tristan tells me last night that his uncle is getting a permanent job elsewhere and the family home which goes back about 2 or 3 generations he isn't going to sell it, he wants to rent it out to a family member. Tristan's trying to figure out whether or not he could afford it because on top of paying for the gas/water/electricity etc he'd also have to send his uncle some money. He said maybe we could move in there. This place is probably a 45 min drive from where we live now, i don't have enough money to move out and share in these bills AND some form of rent to his uncle and to try and take Charlie away and be in a completely strange place. Even though we got engaged a few weeks ago, i had a hard time dealing with it with the councelling and stuff, and i told him at this time i can't imagine living with him. We're going on the weekend though to fix up the garden, it's all overgrown, i don't mind doing that. Its kind of scary. Tristan said he thinks he needs to do some more growing up if he is going to move out. But i think the offer is there anyway scared. Apparently every once in a while we could go up there for a few days just to make it lived in and keep the garden nice, but then i don't know how that will all work.

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Sometimes we worry about so many things and most of them never are a problem. I hope things get calmer for everyone soon.
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I think that you really need to not panic. As GK said, just think calming thoughts and take things "one at a time". Positive vibes headed your way!
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