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Guitar Hero 3

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GUITAR HERO 3 IS COMING OUT ON OCTOBER 27!!!!!!!!! Is anyone else as excited about it as I am? I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun.
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i got the first one for my nephew, of course i had to try it out it first,
lol it is a Very fun game!!!! and from what i hear the others have been good also.
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Yeah the second one was good also but I'm especially looking forward to the third because it has IMO better songs.
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yep, the 2 second did have have songs i liked,
i wil have to looks to see what is up for three.

Oh hear there is another game comign up that uses the GUITAR controller. you play songs to create magic spells fight off zombies and other thigns. They sas some screen shots at a gaming site, right now, i cant think of the name, But it sure looked kinda fun.
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Hmm I don't know anything about fighting off zombies or anything like that but there is another game coming out called "Rock Band" and it uses 2 guitar controllers, a microphone controller, and some kind of drum controller setup. Basically, it's the same as guitar hero but instead of just guitar and bass it has guitar, bass, vocals, and drums.
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I like Guitar Hero II, I think 3 will be great. I don't care for the first one because it does not co-operative mode.
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I cant wait for it! We love that game! Its sooo much fun to play! Well rock the 80s wasnt... I wouldnt recommend buying that one! But the 2nd one is awesome!
Ooo And I cant wait for rock band either! That sounds like a lot of fun!
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Thats exciting! I rock at that game!
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I've never played Guitar Hero, but I went to my friends house a few weeks ago and there were a few of them playing the first one and II, I must say, it was REALLY COOL I'll have to see if they know about 3 coming out.
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My cousins (adult cousins that is) are addicted to this game...

I really don't see the thrill
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