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What would you reccomend?

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My bf bought this huge thing of Fresh Scoop kitty litter but my Skye loves to play in it and the end result is the smell of dust in the air and her sneezing. I was wondering what you all reccomend we buy instead of this dusty stuff?
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Silly kitty.

I love World's Best. It is slightly dusty, but not as much as others and no annoying perfumey scent. I know others on here are advocates of Feline Pine and depending on price, I may give it a try. My vet uses Yesterday's News. Any of those would be better.
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We use Feline Pine. It's natural and safe without the silicon and other chemicals dust flying everywhere.
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Arm and Hammer scoopable is a great litter also. It isn't too dusty and is great at odor control.
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The dust is potentially harmful to cats (and people), and clay litter is also very bad for the environment. Try slowly mixing in a wood pellet litter (like Feline Pine) to see if your cat is accepting of the new litter. There are other brands that are slightly cheaper than Feline Pine, and I personally use pellet fuel, which is very inexpensive. Feline Pine offers a rebate of your purchase price for the small, 7 lb bag. Stove pellets in my area are $4 per 40 lb bag, which is pretty typical. Pellets won't clump, but they will turn to sawdust and drop to the bottom of the litter box when saturated. You can buy or make a sifting litter box that will allow the urine and sawdust to sift out to a separate container. If your cat will not use wood pellets, then there are options like corn, sawdust-type litter, sand, paper-based litter, etc.
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I really liked the feline pine but one of my furbaby just would NOT cover her poop so I had to change back to Scoopaway and she immediately covered her poop. Since my other furbaby had light asthma so I went with Nature's Miracle which is corn based. Although it's more expensive than clay but it is so much better. No dust and the asthma went away. I never have to smell the dust either when I clean their litter box. It's soft enough so they both cover. I highly recommend it!
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We are using Tidy Cats Scoop in the red bucket. It's the only dust free clay scooping litter we've found. Dr Elsey's Precious Cat is also a clumping clay litter that is dust free, but it's out of our budget.

My cats don't like the natural litters.
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I switched from Tidy Cats to Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat litter. Precious Cat clumps better, tracks less, and does have less dust. But it still does have some dust.
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I used World's Best Cat Litter before, its natural, but can get expensive really quickly.
Precious Cat is what I am using now, and its been working great.

Tidy Cats Scoop with red lid, worked AWFUL in automatic litterbox, perhaps it works wonders in a regular box, it was not dust-free either, but unscented (which is great).
I know they switched formulas, so perhaps I got the bucket with the OLD formula, I dont know how to tell.

Give Precious Cat a try, they sell it at Petsmart, you might like it very much.
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