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Oh My Gosh! Congrats!!! That is soooo's hard to even get my mind around how relieved and happy you must be right now.....not to mention how Lilo's got to be feeling the same!
And I just love that she remembered her kissy treat trick..
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This is amazing, wonderful news Kisses to that sweet baby
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Oh that's fantastic! I'm so happy for all of you! Yay!!!!!!!

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Oh my goodness!!! I got chills when I read this. I am SOOOO happy for you and Lilo!!!!
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Awwwww she's home!!!

Get that gorgeous girl in fur pics for us
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That's wonderful news!!!
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Congrats!!! and a big WELCOME HOME LILO!!!

I'm so happy your girl his home. Hope everything checks out at the vet ok. Give her big kisses!
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That is awesome news!!!!
You should contact the newspaper and perhaps they would do a special interest story???
Enjoy re-connecting with Lilo.
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What wonderful news!!!!!!
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That's incredible news, and you must be ! This'll give hope to a lot of others who are missing kitties.
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OH MY, that is wonderful news!!!!!! Some how I just knew you would find her. I think it was the way you talked about knowing she was still alive. I'm so happy that you found her!!! And you should be proud that you didn't give up even after a lot of people would. Now give her a big hug & kiss for finding her way home. And then throw her a welcome home party!!
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How wonderful for you and Lilo! That's amazing. As Jcat says, it gives hope to others who are waiting for their wandering kitties to show up.
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Originally Posted by menasmom View Post
I can't tell you how FREAKING HAPPY I am for you and Lilo!! Oh my God!! When I read the subject line of your post, I said, "She found her cat! She found her cat!" and my husband goes, "What???" Ha ha. Oh, send us pics when you get a chance.
Happy days are here again...
Except I was at work and had to squeal on the inside! It's amazing the power of TCS . This has made my day... and I bet your year!
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Yay!!!!! I was so happy and excited when I saw this thread!!! Thank God! Horray for the power of prayer!!!
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Except I was at work and had to squeal on the inside! It's amazing the power of TCS . This has made my day... and I bet your year!
Its made my century!!!

Everything is going great. She hadnt even been home 2 hours yet and she was throwned and pronounced QUEEN once again by the other kittys.
Meaning they all gathered around her together and just smelled her... licked her a little here and there got a couple head butts from her daughter Petals and then everything was just fine!! Now Garfield did swat at her and hiss when he caught her eating from HIS bowl!!!! But it didnt bother her any... she didnt even budge....
I got some gr8 pictures that i will post hopefully tonight....

Thanks again to everyone! I never imagined after 6 full, sad, depressing, and lonley months... that I would get my baby girl back.
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That is sooo awesome!!

Let the party begin!!!

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That is WONDERFUL! How did the vet appt go? I'm sure your vet was amazed! What a MIRACLE!
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That is great news, I am very happy for both you and Lilo!
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