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Warren Jeffs

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found guilty as an accomplice to rape!
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Originally Posted by Rockcat View Post
found guilty as an accomplice to rape!
That God.... this guy is sick.
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That verdict is more than welcome!
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Oh, Happy Day.
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the so-called "husband", in this case should have been prosecuted for statutory rape, too.

Here in AZ, the Mohave County Attorney was just waiting for the outcome of the Utah case, before looking into bringing charges. Colorado City Az and Hildale UT are border cities and are both run by Jeffs' "church".

Both towns share a police force and Utah has just pulled the law-enforcement certifications, of two officers, suspected of obstructing justice, in this case. AZ is probably going to follow suit. Several officers have lost their certifications, in recent years, for polygamy and obstruction of justice.
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You know when they caught him here in Las Vegas, Warren Jeffs was in a Cadillac Escalade with $57,000.00 cash. I heard the Feds are bringing charges against him for Interstate Flight or something like that.
Does anyone have a link to a video of his reaction to the verdict? I would love to see it. The arrogance of the man was sickening. I was afraid he was going to get off.

And the little juror shuffle they did at the end of deliberations is sure to make good grounds for appeal.
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I'm wondering if more charges will ever be filed. He has mainpulated so many lives.
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Great news...the sicko...
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I think it's kind of odd that they arrest the accomplice but they didn't arrest the rapist. If you don't have a rapist, how can you have an accomplice? Maybe there's more to come in this story.......
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it is about time, I only hope the judge actually throws the book at him
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Good!!! Those poor girls...
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The 'husband' is being charged with rape now.
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I guess they read our thread and realized they had forgotten something.
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I heard they are charging the husband because of this testimony during the Warren Jeffs trial. GOOD
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YAY!!!! This wacked out sicko!!! People like him have created a bad name for Mormons. I am not Mormon, but I had a student who was, and her family was VERY sweet. This polygamy stuff is only practiced in Jeffs' SICK sect that calls themselves Mormons, and unfortunately I think when people hear the word Mormon they automatically think "old men with a bunch of young wives."
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Originally Posted by Telynn View Post
The 'husband' is being charged with rape now.
Good!!! Why did they wait so long!! My big question is will the charge stick? I didn't think you could use your own testimony against you.
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Originally Posted by greenvillegal View Post
YAY!!!! This wacked out sicko!!!
Well said!
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Sorry to be responding to an old post. I read "Under the Banner of Heaven" a couple of years ago and remember praying that something would be done about this man. If I were wealthy, I would fly over his town daily dropping books that show how people don't have to live this way.

They are so sheltered with little, if any, outside influence ... only his word as a psuedo god. Poor children and women. Can you imagine being pawned off to different men at the whim of some so-called leader?

Tonight on the History Channel, the program Decoding the Past is about cults, including Warren Jeffs.

edit: and yes, I agree is he a whacked out psycho/sicko.
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