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LEEP procedure... ladies (gross-out warning)

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Has anyone had the LEEP procedure where your gyno goes in and takes out pre-cancer cells with an electrically charged wire loop?

I had one last week, and there's been all of this brown flaky stuff (nurse told me but didn't say what it was) ... it's disgusting and I was just wondering what the heck it was?

Sorry if I totally grossed anyone out!
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Does it kinda remind you of mascara?
It's to keep you from bleeding. The discharge is normal. I had the cyro done and it last about 2 weeks. I am not sure how long it lasts with the LEEP. I know some other ladies had it done. Maybe they will pm you if they don't feel comfortable posting here.
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Oh no! I'm so glad you got it taken care of, my best friend is about to go through the same thing. I'm so worried about her!

I don't know much about it but what my friend told me and I don't recall there being any flakey stuff mentioned. D: I'm going to keep watching this thread though because it may be good info for my friend.

Hang in there! Hope someone can help you.
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Yuppers - it reminded me of coffee grounds, actually.

Totally normal, it will go away as you heal. Your body can't "scab" on the inside, not the same way an external wound can.

You'll be just fine, it is nothing to worry about at all.
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See, I remember the nurse mentioning coffee grounds, but this is a lot bigger. It looks like tiny pieces of wet light brown paper. Gross isn't it? Sounds like by the time it goes away I'll be on my period again! I'm getting a bit tired of maxi pads every day!!!

dauntingfire, please tell your friend not to worry! I was honestly petrified of this procedure, but when it was done I was so shocked at the LACK of pain and discomfort. The doc gave me some Valium and a painkiller to take orally, then a shot of another painkiller, then they numbed me up in there, which I didn't feel either, and the actual procedure only took a minute or two! She will be just fine! I felt so fine afterwards that my mom and I went out to lunch, and I had to force myself to follow the doctor's orders to lay down all day.
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I had a LEEP a few years ago. The brown stuff is normal and is nothing to worry about. I was only given a mild local anesthetic, and I didn't feel anything--I actually had a conversation with the doc and the nurse while it was being done, but I was wishing I had brought something to read or a drawing to work on. lol
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I had a LEEP done as well and as long as you aren't running a fever or bleeding profusely, you should be ok. That's not medical advice--just what I was told. I actually did start bleeding kind of bad and they still told me I was ok as long as it didn't last long.

Pm me if you have any questions.
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