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Need some good vibes. :)

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It's not life threatening or even dire but...

I'm going to visit with our local no-kill shelter's head Adoption agent. I've fallen deeply in love with a kitten there and I'm hooooping she'll approve me for adoption and let him be fostered until December.

Seriously, he is such a beautiful boy and sweet as pie. Mischievous and confident too. Every time I go there I feel like we've bonded in a way. He is so friendly. I've fallen hard for him and I'm hoping my request won't be too much to ask!

I have a kitten arriving in October from elsewhere and I'm just nervous about putting the two together until I'm sure neither of them are libel to get sick. I am sure that one of my nearby friends can foster him until then.

Ahhh, I hope it's not going to cause problems!
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Awww, many good vibes that you will get your rescue kitty! . I'm sure you won't have any problems. Let us know how it goes!

For the other kitten you are getting, I'm sure if you just introduce them slowly everything will be fine. Are they around the same age? The one from the rescue should have been checked out for anything infectious. Where are you getting the other one from?
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lots of get the kitty vibes!
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Everything will go perfectly, I'm sure of it!
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Sending some your way! Good luck!
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Aw, thank you guys! It went great, the adoption counselor was really happy about it and said to bring my husband to meet the kitty. Every time I have visited the shelter he has climbed all over me, chewed on my shoe, dug his nails into my jeans and taken a nap in my lap. I think he wants to go home with me!

I just need to get my husband to the shelter Sat to meet him and he can come home with us! I can't wait to post pictures. His name is Cecil but I don't think it suits him...He may be up for a name change when he comes home.

calico2222, that was actually my biggest concern because several of the kittens at the shelter have URIs right now and eye problems. The vet is looking at them today (she comes every Wed.). The place is called Good Mews and they are cage free so problems like this spread quickly. All the times I've seen him he seems ok but I plan on taking him to the vet first thing next week.

As for the other kitten, he'll be 12 weeks when he comes home with me and the rescue kitten will be 18 weeks by then. The rescue kitten is also pretty dominant while the Siamese is laid back, hopefully that'll work well. The introduction will be slow over the course of 2-3 weeks. Give them time to get used to each other....The other kitten won't be arriving for another 2 weeks so it gives me time to quarantine the other...

::crosses fingers:: I hope it all works out! I am such a nervous soon-to-be kitty mommie!
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Originally Posted by dauntingfire View Post
::crosses fingers:: I hope it all works out! I am such a nervous soon-to-be kitty mommie!
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Good vibes on the way!
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