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2 questions!

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Hi, i'm relatively new to cat ownership (approx 1 year). Thankfully I have the best cat that ever did exist. All the threads about all the behavior problems people have had are frightening but thankfully I haven't had any personal experience with bad behavior. I'd like to keep it that way as well. So i'm writing to ask about how I should introduce my boyfriend's two dogs (who will be arriving in late october). They are small dogs, chirpy is probobly the same size, or only a little bit smaller. One is very well trained, the other is so so trained. I have seen a few tips, but I wonder what people's personal experiences have told them.

Also, on a side question, my cat shakes his tail back and forth rapidly, and I'm not sure what this means. He's usually doing it when he's walking away, especially if he's stretching the leg he had surgery on. Is it just a stretching behavior, or a sign of continued pain? Or is it something altogether different and I'm just connecting the two things wrongfully?

Thank you!

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The shaking of the tail is spraying if your cat is not neutered yet. If he is neutered, it is most likely just a mimic of the behavior. Nothing comes out (unless you have noticed otherwise) but he is "marking" his territory.

About stretching, I am not sure what your question is. Cats stretch as all living things do.

For itroductions, go slow, let them smell each other for awhile first, then let them find each other but supervise at all times. Don't ever physically put them in front of each other, don't push them together, don't hold them down in front of each other, etc. Remember, the cat will hiss, growl, snarl, swat, this is all normal behavior.
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Cats usually swish their tails when annoyed or angry (opposite of a dog wagging its tail)

As far as the little dogs, I'd crate them and let the cats approach and see how the dogs react. You should have them on leash so that they do not chase the cats.

What kind of dogs are they? If Jack Russel Terriers, you will have to supervise contacts with the dogs and cats all the time and if not around the cats have to be kept separated or the JRT's should be crated. They cannot be totally trusted around cats.
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It's quite possible he still gets stiff in that leg after relaxing, and you could ask the vet about physio/massage, etc. I'd be hugely careful with the dogs - the cat could take off their faces, or vice versa.
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Thank you everyone who's shared their experiences so far. Yeah chirpy won't take off their faces though, he has softclaws. I <3 softclaws. I am afraid of cats with all their claws (bad experience as a child :P), but i didn't want to declaw.
Anyways his tail is like spasming straight up in the air, not just swishing. It just seems odd to see a cat's tail do that which is why I asked.

BTW, neither are a jrt. Although one is a terrier of some kind, but she is the well trained one.

Unfortunately the fact that they're small also means if they do get into a fight, they can follow chirpy wherever he goes.

As for theJen's response - i meant more that the tail spasmthingy happened with the stretching, and thats why i mentioned the stretching.

Thank you, hope to hear more experiences. I love hearing people's stories!

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That may pose a problem with the litter pan if they are the same size. You will have to fence off the litter pan or build a box where the cats can get to the litter pan from the top and the dogs won't bother.
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