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Kitto's new friend

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You all would think I never had a cat before, the way I am always showing off my new kitten. But here is little Kitto, making friends with our oldest (14) and largest cat, Charlie.

He's getting along with everyone pretty well, there is still growling and hissing but all in the context of playing. My vet said that is fine, as did some of you, just letting him know who is boss. Here is Kitto killing my drapes:

Tonight we are going to the vet for shots and to schedule his neutering. Thanks for looking at my pictures! I can't believe how big he is getting, but he still acts like a litle baby kitten.
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Aww they are both cuties! Thanks for sharing their photos...

We love your chubby cat Charlie, he looks so huggable Kitto is gorgeous too, love the stripes! Glad to see that they are getting along...can't wait to see more of your precious fuzzies
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Awww its great when they make friends, beautiful pictures of them.
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AWE! They are cute! Kitto is DARLING!
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What a sweet baby you have! And I love your chubby big boy - glad they are making friends!
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Handsome babies!
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That first picture is so sweet! I'd say looking at that picture they'll all be fine
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aw, look at them playing footsy
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Kitto looks absolutely minute next to big Charlie... What a sweet picture. Thanks for sharing it!
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Charlie weighs 20 pounds, and as of yesterday Kitto weighs 6. He is very tall with big feet and long legs. I guess he will be a big cat eventually. I havent had many males, and my females are all pretty small.
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