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I hope she's okay ....

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I think I saved someone's life today. I went into a bagel shop for lunch and I noticed that there was a woman sitting at one of the outside tables and it looked like she was sleeping, and I didn't really think about her until forty minutes later when I was finished my lunch. She was still sitting there, but she wasn't looking too great, all slumped over, sweaty and pale. So I watched her for a minute, plucked up the courage to try to wake her up. Her eyes opened briefly and closed again and that's when I knew something was very wrong with her.

So I took a deep breath and called Emergency. I've never called 911 before. I was kind of afraid that they would ask questions that I couldn't answer. So I stayed with the woman and tried to keep her from the full sunlight, and within minutes the firetrucks were there and they knew what to do until the ambulance arrived.

So .... I hope that she is okay. I'm still quite shaken by it all.
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Intoxication? Overdose? Heart attack? Who knows?

Glad to hear that she was given to good hands. Great job on your part for noticing her!
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That was a good call with that woman! You did great!

We hope shes okay too If you hear anything about her someday, let us know too!
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You definitely helped to save her life! I'm glad there are people like you out there! I hope the woman is ok now.
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that was a great thing you did, way to be observant I hope the lady is ok too
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Well done. Most people just look away and do not want to be bothered getting involved. You could well have saved her life. And it really doesn't matter why she was slumped over like that, she still needed help. Good on you!
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Its a wonder why an employee didnt notice something like that. Good thing you were observant!!
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I think you probably did save her life and kudos to you for doing so Thank you for being a caring individual.
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Oh that was SO kind of you to check on her. I'll say a little prayer for her. Can you call the fire department and find out? You did great, congrats on being the "Good Samaritan"!
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Good job! Most people wouldn't even think about checking on someone they didn't know.

A couple years ago my boss passed out at her desk from some problem she had, and I couldn't wake her, so I had to call 911 too... it really is scary!

It's glad you did that... good karma will come back around and repay you for the good deed!
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You will be blessed for caring. You did the right thing, the thing everyone should do but most do not. Thank you! And I hope she is all right as well.
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Wow, good for you! You are a hero!
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Thank you for helping! I am a CNA and for some reason the moment I was certified, things started happening all around me from people getting hit by cars to one woman being thrown out of a moving car in front of me. She sliced a gash in her head about 6 inches long and down to the scalp, and I had to basically hold her head together while the paramedics arrived. Thank god for people who want to help. Karma is your best friend or your worst enemy. I think karma will be very impressed with you!
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I guess I just did what I had to do, I really don't like to brag or anything. The funny thing is is that on Saturday, my dad and I were driving somewhere and we nearly hit a man walking with his toddler. It scared the crap out of us, so I think somehow we've been redeemed.
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Good for you for taking action, and not just walking away!
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Way to go!! You did the right thing by calling 911. I wonder why noone else had done that?? You are very observant!!
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I too am hoping that everything is okay with her! Much kudos to you for helping her out!
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Good work! I'm sure you can find out what happened if you want... goodness, I hope she made it.
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