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Smudge's Gotcha Day - September 7

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I missed Smudge's Gotcha Day on September 7 - better late than never!

I was taking Lily into the shelter (where I volunteer) for the last of her kitten shots, when one of the staff ushered me into the isolation room and dumped this little back ball of fuzz into my hands and told me if I didn't take her she was going to euthanised. Who could say no to that??

She would have only been about 3 weeks old, but was actually eating on her own and mostly using the litter tray. I think she'd been separated from her mum, and someone had found her and been hand raising her, but couldn't keep her because they were going on a business trip and had no one else to look after her (or something like that...). It was hard to tell her age because she had some kitten teeth (and kept chewing through the nipples when we tried bottle feeding her), but she was only 13 oz.

She was a sickly little thing, stunk, had goopy eyes, had diarrhea and was a real mess. I took her back to the shelter for a checkup after a few days and she'd lost an ounce and was dehydrated. They put fluids into her, but told me that they thought she wasn't going to make it. Smudge was a fighter though, and loved her food, so she had a good chance.

With help from Nikki (StarryEyedTiger) and a wonderful lady from the pet store I made up some kitten mush with a heap of various things in it, and she started improving out of sight.

She was still a runt though, so she couldn't get spayed until she was big enough, and she also had eye problems, so had to get anaesthetised so she could have her eyes fixed up.

By the time she was ready for adoption she was about 5 months old, and my husband and I had completely fallen in love with her.

Smudge has been the most wonderful addition. She LOVES people, and always runs to greet us, and will leap onto our back/shoulder at any given opportunity. She loves to snuggle with DH when he's in bed - she lies on his chest and smushes her face against his and nuzzles him. She's done it ever since she's been allowed on her bed, and has never grown out of it. Everyone who meets her falls in love - she's just that sort of cat.

Anyway, so here's out Smudgey, from baby to big girl!

September 7 2006

September 12

September 17

October 8

October 20




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Look at her snuggled with DH!!! :

Oh....little Ms. have no idea how lucky you are to have such a wonderful meowmy & purrpaw!!
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And September 8 - 1 year and 1 day after we got her!

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I hop you have a Very Happy Gotcha day full of love and tummy rubs, Smudge, you beautiful girl...
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She has grown into such a beauty, Sarah. You've done well.
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She was a beautiful baby, and has grown into a beautiful big girl!

Happy Gotcha Day Smudgie!
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Smudge has grown from an adorable baby into a gorgeous big girl. You've done a wonderful job with her.
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You did your little girl good Sarah! What a huge difference to when she was so tiny
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you've come a looooooooooong way Smudgie! she certainly hit the jackpot when she found you and husband, Sarah what a gorgeous girl
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I hardly think I even need to tell you that I'm sitting here all choked up with very wet eyes. As you know, something about Smudge has always "spoken" to me and those pictures made my heart just sing. Thank you for sharing and for being there for this special little one. She really is special and so are you and your DH for being so good to and for her.
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oh..look at Smudge sleeping on your DH . So nice. Great growing up pics. I should put something together like this later. Smudge is just soooooo cute!!! Lovely.
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She is so pretty! Happy Gotcha day Smudge!
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What a little beauty she is

Happy Gotcha Day Smudge!
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She's funny - she had this straggly, fuzzy black coat that went grey, and when all the grey fell out, she ended up with her beautiful, shiny, healthy looking black coat. You can see the difference between the October and December pics - she looks like a different cat! Talk about the ugly duckling who turns into a beautiful swan!
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Happy Gotcha Day Smudgie!!
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So sweet! Congratualtions! What happened to her eyes?
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Originally Posted by NoRachelHere View Post
So sweet! Congratualtions! What happened to her eyes?

Heres some info on Smudge's eyes.
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Awwww. Happy Gotcha day, Smudge!
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Wow, you guys have done an awesome job with her! Well done.
She's so lucky to have ended up with you!
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Thanks for letting me know what was up with her eyes! And thank you for loving her all the same. She is cute, and thank god she has you!
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